Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wooo how is it the middle of february already???

so it's been a while. where did half of february go??

welllllll where should i start? how about i just post my favorite pictures of the week and just let them do most of the talking.

in most amazing news, sam is getting hair, much to his father's jealousy. this picture kind of makes it look like there is more than there actually is, but i'm sure sam wouldn't mind...this is also his more favorite, most LOUD toy of the week. :) thanks, nate and sarah!he's still getting over a cold...which has rendered him somewhat "subdued", shall we say? and no one would believe me if i didn't have the picture to prove it, but he FELL ASLEEP mid-bounce...or something like it. this is not a kid that falls asleep easily, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME--and look at this:
today it is really cold and pretty snowy, so it's perfect that i finished up some socks! i've seen jaywalkers all over the internet, and it's for good reason! the pattern shows off loud yarn very well, and is easy to memorize without being too boring! they are made out of yummy koigu, and are on my feet right now.
someone else likes yarn as much as i do...
i'm assuming he learned how to do this from jeremy, who also likes to pull on my yarn/needles/arm while i'm knitting...booo...

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