Thursday, March 06, 2008


BYOW = Bring Your Own Whine...and no, I didn't misspell "Whine" and yesterday have been some of the whiniest, clingy-est days of young hineywipe's life. Seriously, I can't leave the room. Or an area within 10 feet of the child. Um, teeth? Hurry up, if you are causing this! The only solution I have found that works reliably is to put on the Beastie Boys and dance around with him. He's particularly fond of "Root Down"... However, the husband brings gifts of candy, which is always appreciated...yes that is a NEW 5-pounder of the good & plenty...I need an intervention.
The cuteness of chubby bare feet sticking out of little jeans also makes up for the whineyness.Maybe, just maybe, he has inherited my "flip-flop groove"...a good sign, since it makes the wearing of said footwear rather instinctive.
It's been a ridiculous couple of days. I managed to break the bathroom sink with a broken humidifier...yeah...and today I ran a used diaper through the washing machine. I think I need to have my head checked.

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Matt and Betsy said...

Why did you have to go ahead and post photos of oh-so-wonderful mini eggs????????? Now I really want some! LOVE the photo of Sam's foot. Yes, that cuteness does make up for the whininess! I may have to copy your cool photo of your foot and Sam's foot. CUTE! A diaper in the washer?????? Really??????