Monday, March 24, 2008

i didn't teach him this trick on purpose...

sam is now dancing whenever he hears music--so cute! i guess it's because whenever i have music on, i bounce him around in my arms and sing along. or i just make up music and bounce him around. over the past few days, he's started bopping on his own to lots of things: me singing some ridiculous made-up song, the radio, stuff on tv.

i've been trying soooo hard to get a good bit of video...i'll keep trying, but for now you can get the idea. here he is, enjoying a little salt-n-pepa (don't judge me):

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Burkett Quad Squad said...

what in the world....what kind of mom are you letting him listen to that:) hahaha! just kidding i love it! he's such a cutie. my kids NEVER do what i want them to do whenever i turn the camera on...even if they were JUST doing it. they stop.
love ya