Tuesday, March 18, 2008

no good title ideas...eh.

not much to report at my ripe old age of 29. age appears to be directly proportional to how boring i am. and the fact that i just used the word "proportional" proves this statement to be true.

good thing Jamie came to see me over her spring break. it was nothing short of fabulous to see my dear friend. she lifts my spirits, even when we don't "do" anything! and she has a nice rear view: this is us, trying to get a little self-portrait...makes me giggle. poor baby. little does he know this will probably happen every time auntie heimer comes to visit!
last night it was "warm", so our little fannnn-damily went for a walk. it was really misty, so we got pretty wet over the course of 2 miles or so. do you see that he's holding a binky? yesterday afternoon, Sam became rather attached to that pacifier...not in the traditional way where the baby sucks on a pacifier...but in the way where the baby clenches the pacifier in his fat little fist until his knuckles turn white. yep, he even carried it the whole way in the bjorn...cold wet air and all...silly baby. he doesn't even USE a pacifier. he was screaming when i was changing his diaper, and i pulled pacifier out of a basket to give him something to mess with. i guess it worked.

knitting post to come, eventually. i've been doing a little bit of crafty type things, but mostly other things. tomorrow we're off to wisconsin for Easter...wish us luck, traveling with the wee one!

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