Monday, April 21, 2008

dirty mouth!

sam was able to scoot over to one of the plants today and eat a good amount of potting soil...poor little guy, he was spitting it out and crying and generally notpleased.

but, a little yogurt can fix anything, it appears.

i also let him sit in the grass while i hauled groceries into the house today. he was really enjoying watching the mowing crew take care of one of the common areas. probably because they were loud...and had trucks...
he looks so tiny there in the yard!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

wait, i have a blog??

well, i found it again, so it must be true! it's been a little busy around these parts, to say the least. i'm not getting into all of it, but it's all in good ways. it's just a new rhythm, and i'm not so good at change, although i profess to love and need it...sooooo here goes, my attempt at updating!

mr sam is getting so strong! when i turned away, he was sitting on the floor next to his walker thing (we call it his scooter, since he scoots all over) and when i turned back, this is what i saw: he proceeded to fall on his face while i was messing w/ the camera. bad mama. but one of the (many!) things i love about this kid is HE DOESN'T CARE when he gets hurt! if it's a real doozie, he'll whimper or let out a few cries, but then he's over it. onto the next thing to chew or rip or otherwise destroy.

this is his favorite way to play right now--give him the basket of toys and he pulls everything out. it keeps him occupied and content to play by himself for quite a while, so the mess is noooo problem! i love that he's getting a bit more independent.

he's been able to roll for some time now, but only has realized in the past few weeks that he can GO somewhere if he KEEPS doing it! hey, i never claimed he was a genius...

i've started watching my friend's little girl once a week. so far, so good...although if sam is around, i have to keep a close eye. he LOOOOOVES other babies, and would have no qualms about dumping her out of the bouncy seat and making a toy out of her!

sam is nearly nine months old...and i only JUST NOW got his abc's up on the wall...mostly because it required use of a laser level and every time i thought of it, the baby was napping. his room finally has something on the wall, and it looks pretty nice if i do say so meself.