Sunday, June 29, 2008

gonna make like a tree...

i should be finishing packing right now, especially since it's summer and it's easy to pack. swimsuit, couple of tanks, couple of shorts. dress to go out for dinner. done. well, almost.

and packing is made even easier this time because we're not taking the baby! i'm pretty excited to get away with just the hubs and relax on the beach for a few days! yay! we need a few days to just be us and have a "babymoon" of sorts. i can't believe i just typed "babymoon"...bleah! i think of a butt. a little wrinkly one.

but i'll miss him--how could you not?

Monday, June 16, 2008

top 10 list...warning: super long post!

been a while, yes? it's been something around here with summer weather finally here (meaning no computer, since i'm outside so much more!) and travel (went to wisconsin for a cousin's wedding this past weekend) and just general running-amok-ing.

the weekend trip was approached with caution...we were somewhat worried (jeremy more that me, but pretend you didn't read that) that the baby wouldn't travel well so we attempted to plan everything, pack everything, control everything. hahaha. funny us. friday (the day we were set to LEAVE) started out w/ a doctor's appt for sam...BUT he was cleared for takeoff, no ear infection, just some lingering fluid. therefore there was NO REASON for him to continue waking up SCREAMING in the middle of the night.

let's just say our trip was thwarted in many ways. and the following post may sound complain-y, but please read it and understand that i'm laughing about it already...

1. we lost our I-pass somewhere and had to call jeremy's brother from the road to look up online where to buy another one. we got the name/address/exit of some creepy random gas station in the gary-ish area...and when we got there...they informed us that you can't buy an I-pass in indiana, since, oh, MARCH 1...nice. thanks, I-pass website for your up-to-date information. we are told we can purchase one at any oasis along the tollway.

2. we get to the first oasis and since it's friday, we can't buy an I-pass. apparently you can only buy them on monday at that particular location. neat. also very stupid. also not posted on the I-pass website. fortunately the next oasis has them every day of the week. how courteous of them. good news is we only had to go through the cash lanes twice.

3. friday night...filled with screaming from 2-5. i try and keep my cool and look forward to all the family i'll get to see the next day and maybe i can catch some sleep in the car during the 3 hour trip to the wedding. stayyyyy positive!!

4. no one told us ALL OF WISCONSIN was FLOODED and EVERY road we would attempt to take would be CLOSED. even the whole entire section of interstate from milwaukee to madison. WHAT???? there is much arguing in the car about the right way to go and we stopped and got advice from 3 different places...jeremy even got the number to call the highway patrol...but the lady that answered the phones just wanted to know who the h*** gave him that number???? at these different gas stations, we get a break from screaming baby and we hear several times "i don't know if you can go that way, i hear a dam broke" though no one could really say what dam had broken and which roads were closed and for how far. so it took us 5.5 hours to get to steven's point. we miss the wedding. awesome. here's a stop we made on the side of the road--the cross street is TOTALLY covered in at least 2 feet of water, then who knows...
5. we did make it to the reception, after i had to explain to the hotel clerk that i had indeed already been charged for the hotel room on priceline and no he may not have my credit card to charge me again. here's sam, meeting his great grandma:
6. the reception was great, it was wonderful to see all my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandma...i rarely get to see them, since it's so far and we have a rather uncooperative traveller! sam was actually VERY good at the wedding and made everyone love him and made me look like an idiot for saying what a challenge he can be! here he is enjoying some diet root beer. yes, we're GREAT parents--hey no sugar, no caffeine! however that seems to have a limited effect on the amount of screaming we endure at night.
7. saturday night...another night of screaming. let's just say we spent a fair amount of the night in the parking lot so we wouldn't get kicked out of the hotel. that's sort of funny, right? leaving the hotel so we don't get TOLD to leave? it wasn't then.

8. sunday...everyone is tired but we leave bright and early and find a very quick way back to my mom's. it may or may not have been the route i had originally suggested we take TO the wedding the day before. but what do i know?

9. BUT on that way home someone (not me, not jeremy, not my mom) decides that it would be a good time to scream. this is, well, FRUSTRATING. we may or may not have pulled over on the highway, gotten out of the car, exchanged angry words, and i may or may not have sat down on the ground and refused to go anywhere with anyone until i drove and my husband rode in the backseat. that might be a story for a another time. or not.

10. instead of prolonging the torture, we got to my mom's, had dinner, then drove ALL the way back home on sunday night. thankfully the baby decided to just sleep with minimal protest. i'd be tired after all that screaming too.

and THAT, my friends, is a top ten list that i might be laughing about for quite a while. in only the most ironic way, however.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

long time, no blog.

could it be because i'm having a baby???

and all that interests me at this present moment is baked potatoes???