Sunday, June 29, 2008

gonna make like a tree...

i should be finishing packing right now, especially since it's summer and it's easy to pack. swimsuit, couple of tanks, couple of shorts. dress to go out for dinner. done. well, almost.

and packing is made even easier this time because we're not taking the baby! i'm pretty excited to get away with just the hubs and relax on the beach for a few days! yay! we need a few days to just be us and have a "babymoon" of sorts. i can't believe i just typed "babymoon"...bleah! i think of a butt. a little wrinkly one.

but i'll miss him--how could you not?


Anonymous said...

yay for your babybutt...i mean babymoon! enjoy!!!

i must say, your little floating baby widget is a bit creepy. i'm just sayin.

see you thursday!!

Burkett Quad Squad said...! where are you going? i hope you have a great time! if hav thinks your widget with 1 baby is creepy she should see one with quads...wowza!:)