Friday, July 04, 2008

aaaaaaand we're back!

happy 4th! i'm on a computer and not blowing anything up tonight, since the baby is already in bed and i like having 10 fingers. it comes in handy, especially when i want to knit.


we had a great trip up to Saugatuck, MI. we didn't DO much, really...relaxed on the beach, relaxed by the pool, relaxed out to dinner, relaxed getting ice get the idea. it was nice to just connect with each other and be "us", and leave the "mom and dad" part out of it for a bit.

oval beach is ranked in the top 25 in the world by some travel magazine, due in part to beautiful sunsets, apparently:
before we left, our super nice neighbors gave us a fun little car for sam, since their son is too big for it now. it looks so foreign in our garage--it seems like we don't have a kid old enough to use THAT. but he likes being pushed around in it! how did we go from baby to boy so fast??? i think the polo shirt helps him look even more grown up. clothes make the man and all.since we're going backwards in time, here's last weekend--sam has been in the lake a few more times now--he's starting to like it more and more. this is good. please pretend you don't see the disaster that is my hair. yeeesh.

and if you recall a few posts back, there's a plant that i described--a plumeria from our honeymoon that jeremy is always trying to kill. well, not really, but he always threatens to kill it, because he hates it. because he thinks it looks like a cigar. well, NOT ANYMORE!!!! after five and a half years, it has sent out one little amazing smelling flower!!!! which, shortly after this picture was taken, jeremy knocked off of the plant. BOOOOOOO...he claimed it was an, i'm not so sure...but at least i have a picture to prove that our "plant of love" actually DID bloom:

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