Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday update!

in just a short bit (at 11:17), samuel will officially be a one-year-old! we had an amazing weekend celebrating the past 365 days that we've had with him! on friday, we had a big cookout with family and friends--it was so great to see everyone, even if sam was pretty clueless as to why his house was invaded and he had to eat dinner in the garage. everyone was so sweet to share the love of our little man!

and he was sweet enough to share his raspberry cupcake with me!!!
there's so much pressure to make a mess out of yourself with your birthday cake!! sam ate most of his cupcake, but didn't really mess himself up too badly...

i finally got a picture of what he does with his feet every time he eats. i thnk it's so funny! and if he can reach the table, he'll curl his toes over the tabletop. good thing he's still little and his feet are still cute!

today, his real birthday, was a perrrrfect day to be cute. and to eat leftover cupcakes in our pajamas!

who's super excited to be ONE today????!!! this guy:

aaaaand one more from the end of the day--bday pic in the bday suit! doesn't he look thrilled?? ENOUGH w/ the camera, big mama!
i don't really lean towards the mushy...especially not on this blog...but this past year has been so great! sometimes it's sooooo hard, but i love being a mama, and i'm so blessed to have the priviledge of raising this particular little guy. it blows me away to think about how much he's grown and everything he's learned and done over the past year. and everything jeremy and i have learned and done! we love you sammy!!!!! you're the best boy for us!

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Andrea Moberly said...

Aww, he's so cute! Happy Birtday Sam! And happy birthday parents :) Its been as much of a changing year for you as it has been for your little guy, I'm sure! (ok, wow, that was a lot of !!!'s)