Thursday, July 31, 2008

feeling like a jerk...

i suppose it had to happen at some point...and i had managed to avoid it for over a year. but that doesn't make me feel any better.

i nearly fried my kid today. my car said it was 94, which sounds high, but it felt about right, and
i locked him in the car at target...ughhhh...

i don't know how other people juggle these things, but when i leave a store, i roll the cart to my car, unload child first, then dump everything else in the car, roll the cart into the cart stall and usually go about my merry way.

enter STUPID automatic door lock feature. satan lives in my door locks. apparently if you don't open the DRIVER's door within a certain time frame after using the keychain clicker, the doors lock back up. whether or not your baby/purse/keys/phone/money is in the car or not. in my case, all i had in my hand was my sunglasses...which were NOT helpful in case of an emergency! i looked around and tried to figure out if it would be worth it to try and break the glass and which window would be the best one to sacrifice???

i promise i had a hide a key at some point...but it's not there anymore, and FOUR kind strangers stopped to ask the bawling pregnant lady lying on the asphalt under her car if they could help...and none of them could find it either. so one lady called the police and the policeman didn't really understand the problem and asked me how long i had left my kid in the car while i was shopping...WHAT??? yes, that's what he asked. i burst forth tears again and tried to explain, but was no match for the woman who had become my new best friend and told the cop in no uncertain terms that the baby had been in the car for no longer than 10 minutes, she had seem everything and no good mother would do that and couldn't he see i was a wreck? he was ready to call the ambulance in for sam and haul me off to jail. oh i kid you not.

long story slightly less long? he finally jimmied the door open with something that looked like a doorstop and a stretched out hanger...and sam was free. my new best friend pretty much ordered me to go into starbucks with her and bought me a drink and got water for sam. we chatted, i actually liked her a lot. she was SUPER nice and i felt slightly LESS bad about myself.

and a little better about the world at large.

lots of times i dislike "people" in people in stores that aren't nice or seem inconsiderate of those around them or bad drivers or people who talk on cell phones when they are being waited on. you know, everyone that isn't me or someone i love. they're all jerks, right? i'm bad.

but today i was proven very wrong.
and i'm glad for that.
thanks, God, for the reminder.
i needed it.

and bigger thanks that my little man will be just fine.

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Jen said...

Just wait until you have a car full of kids and you manage to drag/corral/cowrope all of them into the dentist's office only to realize halfway through a Marie Claire magazine that you left the baby blissfully sleeping in her carseat for about 10 minutes. Yep. Hand over that mom of the year award. It belongs right next to my bed...