Friday, July 11, 2008

happy little list for today, july 11.

1. jeremy is home from colorado!!! we had fun, the babe and i. but it's good to have my mountain man back again!

2. watching jeremy play with sam. he's a great dad and they are such buddies, i love it! sam also eats MUCH better for jeremy...not sure what that's all about. could it have anything to do with the fact that jeremy lets him have animal crackers with breakfast...??

3. girly dinner tonight w/ janice. red meat was consumed. that's how i like it!!!

4. heading to the lake tomorrow, weather permitting...

5. garden fresh red potatoes...we made food from dirt! neat, huh?

6. little one #2 is kicking and happy at 20 weeks. i'm up 6 pounds so far, and that's about how things were last time, so no fear--i'll pack it on. just you wait. i've gone from feeling a little uneasy about being pregnant again so soon to being just ok with it to being genuinely excited. the excited part really just took hold this week. i feel a little bit bad, since it was so easy to get pregnant and not everyone has that luxury...but my feelings were real and i had gave it some time...because i knew i'd come around. so now i can say i'm really and truly looking forward to late november and meeting this little bittie.

7. sitting outside w/ my boys tonight, seeing fireflies.

8. watching the mail for my ridiculous ebay purchases to show's like christmas in july!

9. iced tea.

10. watermelon.

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