Monday, July 21, 2008

dog days...

it's hot and i baked a cake. the crazy runs deep today. i blame the fetus. it was a tasty cake, you should try it, though it miiiiight be half a cake right now, since we're both home and the baby seemed to like it, too! i was accused of trying to make jeremy fat. i told him he could eat one piece instead of four. and FURTHERMORE i made the afore-mentioned confection in part because jeremy likes to buy things in bulk and i didn't think that sam could chow through the THREE 32 ounces containers of yogurt before they got too sour...

in other poorly-chosen-non-nutritive-food news, we went to 3 rivers last week, and sam had his first taste of an elephant ear--and was a fan, of course. he also checked out the fountains at headwaters park for the first time...didn't like those quite as well as the fried dough.

we were able to spend friday at the lake cottage before the weather turned, and it really seems like sam is enjoying the water more and more each time we take him up there. we'd hold him up so he could "swim" on his belly, and he loooooved it. he kept trying to stick his face in the lake...took in quite a bit of turkey water, so we'll just hope that's a boost to his little immune system and leave it at that! look how much fun he's having in his little-man trunks! you'd smile like that if you were that cute, too!

swimming was apparently good for his appetite, because after these pictures were taken, the child ate and ENTIRE HOT DOG. this, from the kid that won't eat any meat. ever.

to me, it looks like he's saying the pledge of allegiance:

last night we were able to get out for a much needed date night--it was soooo nice. we had dinner and cork and cleaver, then horsed around at borders, then went to the 3 river fireworks. the baby was wonderful, and we're really happy with the new sitter. unfortunately, besides from baking a cake, i've been a crappy wife today. poor jeremy. i tried to warn him that the pregnancy hormones were on level 10 today and i knew i was being a jerk, but it didn't make it any easier for me to stop...i cried at sam's club while we were buying burgers and such for the big bday party this weekend.

that's all i have for now...looking forward to the big ultrasound this wednesday! woooooo!!!

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