Monday, July 21, 2008

true story.

so i'm pretty tired of my hormones.

my husband just made me cry. we don't know what this baby is, and i don't think we will. but we're having a hard time coming up w/ a boy name other than Samuel. it would probably be bad form to use that again. but i came up with a few i liked and shared my #1 boy name pick w/ him...and to jeremy's credit, i didn't tell him it was my #1 pick. i just ran it past him to get an honest opinion. and i guess that's what i got.

he told me that name was ridiculous and he would have to DIE, no, someone would have to MURDER him before i could name a baby that name. and hadn't he ever told me about so-and-so that he knows and can't stand, who is also named that name???

so i guess i forgot about that guy.
because i don't know him.

jeremy then suggested Enos. which to me, sounds like ANUS. we are not naming any child of ours anything that sounds like that. jeremy's defense? there was some guy on the Dukes of Hazzard named Enos...thank goodness he was joking about a name. too bad i wasn't. :(

but now jeremy is in the laundry room, with a plastic hanger.

because he heard an animal in there.

i almost cried again...because that's where all the hamburger/hot dog buns are that i bought for our cookout...

at least he can be my hero when he eradicates whatever is in there....he did protectively close the door to the room i'm in. to save me from the beast. what a great guy.

i love him, i really do.
i don't love crazy raging pregnancy hormones.
i don't remember this from last time.
but i'm sure i was just as bad, i just choose to forget.

i suppose i can try to find some new baby's funny how many of these names i liked on paper or in my head sound so ridiculous when i actually think about a REAL LIVE person wearing one of them around for their entire life...


Stephanie said...

I'm sure you will come up with something... and it will be much better than what these people did to their child:

katie said...

We're doing the baby name dance around here, too--and Christer has pulled the "I had a student with that name and he was a punk" line on me for my favorite. :( Hope to see you tomorrow at Borders!