Tuesday, August 26, 2008

have you done this yet??? TOOO FUNNNNNN

have you played with http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ yet??? you really should. i saw this a couple of places and i had to join in...

looking swell in 1952:
i guess in 1960, i needed some serious vision correction:
in 1962 it was cool to wear poo on your head:
in 1964 i was the teacher??
in 1966 i had a LOT of hair:
fast forward ten years to 1976...the dazed and confused year...awesome:

1978...who knew i could rock a fro this hard:

the hair...the pose...1982...i was 3:

1984 found me a bit young for hairspray but i do recall a babysitter who looked a lot like this:

1990...oh dear:1994--i didn't quite have the hair for this, but i have a picture from middle school where my bangs attempted this:

hahahahah 1996...i was a junior in high school...glad to say my picture didn't look like this, though i doubt it was much better!!! i might have been guilty of a similar denim shirt, however:

Monday, August 25, 2008


ever since we found out we were going to have a baby, jeremy was very interested in growing the kid a giant pumpkin. good thing this kid likes being outside and LOVES the garden. good thing our house backs up to a field and we can grow crazy stuff like this...and according to jeremy, it's only going to get bigger. i drew the line at him building a little shelter for it, though. apparently the sun can crack the surface of the pumpkin. i say...it needs a little suntan.
you can't see in this picture, but pants were apparently optional this evening...that's what happens when you go to knitting night and leave the boys alone. they drop their pants.
this picture just makes me laugh. i love this kid!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i finished a pair of socks last night. yay for sticking to a project long enough to get it DONE! i started the first sock in MAY...finished it 9 days ago...and got the second sock done in a week. it helps that the Great Declutter project is done, so there's less to do and less junk around to distract me!

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multi, color 306

Needles: US 2 bamboo dpns

Notes: Super easy sock method--I like top-down socks and I really wanted to keep them simple, since the yarn had such fun colors and I didn't think it would pool too badly. They almost look sort of camo-ish with the muted colors...not the plan, but I'll take it, they're cozy!

i had so much yarn left, i started a pair for the little one. if they fit him/her, maybe we'll wear our matching socks home from the hospital together! or at least for thanksgiving. i love how quick it is to make baby socks! but i just made the pattern up, based on what i did for my socks, so we'll see if the second one comes out anywhere close to the first. good thing i have extra yarn--i can just make three socks and see if two of them match! this picture (in natural light!) shows the colors in the yarn much better.

Monday, August 11, 2008

change is in the air...

yesterday and today have really made me sense fall creeping in. ever so slightly. i know it will get hot hot hot again, but the past couple days of weather in the 70s and the sunlight becoming just a little bit more sideways-and-golden-like makes me aware that this is late summer now. i do love the start of a new season, especially this time of year when we have a TON of things fresh from the garden. it's all salsa, all the time, around here right now! that and potatoes. YUM.

so i guess it'd be a good time to mention that we're making a big change pretty soon here...yep, we bought a different house!! YIKES! it happened quick, which is odd for us. well, i should say it's more odd for jeremy, who likes to research and deliberate even small decisions. but i guess it seems quicker than it really was. we'd been stalking this place just a little bit. we'd gone to take a look w/ a realtor friend some months back, looked at similar homes in the same area, and came home and had some talks about what we would like in a new place and what ugly/nonfunctional things we would be willing to redo or live with.

so when the price on this place dropped, we went and looked a couple more times...and took the plunge! it's going to be nice to have more space with our family becoming four people in a few months. i have a little bit of guilt, since i know we would be just fine in this house even if we had a pile of kids, and the process of cleaning and decluttering to get it up for sale has been great for getting rid of STUFF that we DON'T USE or LOVE...people all over the world put a LOT more bodies in a LOT less space...i like to think i don't buy into the "bigger is better" deal that seems to be pervading everything around us" but maybe i do, a bit. i DON'T want to take *more space!!!!* as a license to amass *more crap!!!!*

that said, it WILL be very nice to have a basement (i get to have the whole 5th "bedroom" down there for my craftystuffs) and to have the space in the house split up into more useful rooms. i feel sometimes like the current open floor plan doesn't always work quite right for us. i know it works for a lot of people (it's about all that is being built around here!)...but we function better with "designated" spaces, i think. and i may be in the minority, but i have grown to loathe my cathedral ceilings. it is so LOUD and un-cozy to have all that space for air to rattle around.

so w/0 further ado, here's our new residence--pardon the craptastic photo--i took it out of the car window, and the people were already working on ditching the for sale sign moving their stuff out, so i didn't want to be too creepy and lecherous...so i took a quick picture and sped away. noooo that's not creepy and lecherous at all...

it's pretty traditional, and i like that. good basic bones for me to dress up and make into my new nest! it backs up to a creek, so we get to start a new garden next year. it'll be sad to leave our first house, especially with all the work we've done (hello hauling and wheelbarrow-ing tons and tons of dirt to make our garden grow!) but i guess that's a good thing, that we're not DYING to get out of here!

and here's sam, NOT helping me with the packing and decluttering...and taking great JOY in it! YAY EMPTY THE PENCIL BUCKET!!!

SO if you know anyone that would want to buy my current house, SEND THEM MY WAY!!! i have a little blog set up for that...such a nerd, i am. we're attempting to sell by owner. if you have any pointers on that, send those my way, too!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

today is sooooo pretty. i need to get off the computer and go outside!

sam's dedication today. so nice...they really shouldn't let pregnant ladies go through this, though...i teared up a little during the prayer and thinking about him growing up and not being a baby anymore and what he's going be like...oy...thank you samuel, for chitter-chattering and trying to do a sommersault out of your dad's arms when we were up front--giggling make it easier to not actually cry!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

walk like a man...

he was a little bit tired of doing this by the time i got the camera out, but here's a few steps w/ the little walker toy. i love the waddle!!!

that's all for today, really. not much else is crackin. i am happy to report that i made a successful target trip this morning. no babies locked in cars, no tears, no pregnant ladies lying on the asphalt. i even managed to not buy the numerous uneccessary things that tried so hard to make it into my cart!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

so glad this post is better than the last one! there's gardening and mer and knitting--some of my favorite things!

phew...things around here are looking up!! jeremy's back from WV, so it's been great to spend time with him today. (yesss...he was OUT OF TOWN during the great ordeal of thursday...yeeesh.) we all went out and enjoyed the garden this morning. sam LOVES plants and flowers and just being outside in general...can that sort of thing be genetic? don't know.
this picture just may be one of my favorites i've ever snapped of him...what one year old kid just chomps into red peppers and LIKES them??? i just know one...
yesterday also MUST be mentioned...it was suuuuuper fun to see meredith and do shipshewana (had to check to make sure i spelled that right--since jeremy's pet name for SHIPshewana may or not be family-friendly...and there is much GOOD stuff to be found there!) mer found stuff for mer jr's quilt/room and i found stuff for random quilts i will try really hard to make and not shove the fabric in a drawer...

mer and sam bonded over fabulous amish pretzels...mmmmm....

oh and since i mentioned it to her yesterday and i know she reads my blog (hi friend!)--mer, here's sam's modeling pic from that catalog i was telling you about:

while jeremy was gone, i couldn't sleep very well. so i got some knitting done! yay! i finished up a koolhaas hat (Interweave Knits, Holiday 07) in some pink wool i found on clearance last fall. i love it, though it will be a while before i can wear it. it had been sitting around unfinished for wayyyy too long and i needed the needles to make project #2--a toasty topper for sam for the fall/winter. if you ask me, the pattern is genius--hat AND scarf sized for a toddler--he'll be able to have both, without losing the scarf! on the ground it kind of looks like a helmet...

i wish i had a decent picture of him wearing it, because he looked SO cute in it for all of 0.48539453 seconds. he clearly fails to see the beauty of the design: