Monday, August 11, 2008

change is in the air...

yesterday and today have really made me sense fall creeping in. ever so slightly. i know it will get hot hot hot again, but the past couple days of weather in the 70s and the sunlight becoming just a little bit more sideways-and-golden-like makes me aware that this is late summer now. i do love the start of a new season, especially this time of year when we have a TON of things fresh from the garden. it's all salsa, all the time, around here right now! that and potatoes. YUM.

so i guess it'd be a good time to mention that we're making a big change pretty soon here...yep, we bought a different house!! YIKES! it happened quick, which is odd for us. well, i should say it's more odd for jeremy, who likes to research and deliberate even small decisions. but i guess it seems quicker than it really was. we'd been stalking this place just a little bit. we'd gone to take a look w/ a realtor friend some months back, looked at similar homes in the same area, and came home and had some talks about what we would like in a new place and what ugly/nonfunctional things we would be willing to redo or live with.

so when the price on this place dropped, we went and looked a couple more times...and took the plunge! it's going to be nice to have more space with our family becoming four people in a few months. i have a little bit of guilt, since i know we would be just fine in this house even if we had a pile of kids, and the process of cleaning and decluttering to get it up for sale has been great for getting rid of STUFF that we DON'T USE or LOVE...people all over the world put a LOT more bodies in a LOT less space...i like to think i don't buy into the "bigger is better" deal that seems to be pervading everything around us" but maybe i do, a bit. i DON'T want to take *more space!!!!* as a license to amass *more crap!!!!*

that said, it WILL be very nice to have a basement (i get to have the whole 5th "bedroom" down there for my craftystuffs) and to have the space in the house split up into more useful rooms. i feel sometimes like the current open floor plan doesn't always work quite right for us. i know it works for a lot of people (it's about all that is being built around here!)...but we function better with "designated" spaces, i think. and i may be in the minority, but i have grown to loathe my cathedral ceilings. it is so LOUD and un-cozy to have all that space for air to rattle around.

so w/0 further ado, here's our new residence--pardon the craptastic photo--i took it out of the car window, and the people were already working on ditching the for sale sign moving their stuff out, so i didn't want to be too creepy and i took a quick picture and sped away. noooo that's not creepy and lecherous at all...

it's pretty traditional, and i like that. good basic bones for me to dress up and make into my new nest! it backs up to a creek, so we get to start a new garden next year. it'll be sad to leave our first house, especially with all the work we've done (hello hauling and wheelbarrow-ing tons and tons of dirt to make our garden grow!) but i guess that's a good thing, that we're not DYING to get out of here!

and here's sam, NOT helping me with the packing and decluttering...and taking great JOY in it! YAY EMPTY THE PENCIL BUCKET!!!

SO if you know anyone that would want to buy my current house, SEND THEM MY WAY!!! i have a little blog set up for that...such a nerd, i am. we're attempting to sell by owner. if you have any pointers on that, send those my way, too!!

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