Monday, August 25, 2008


ever since we found out we were going to have a baby, jeremy was very interested in growing the kid a giant pumpkin. good thing this kid likes being outside and LOVES the garden. good thing our house backs up to a field and we can grow crazy stuff like this...and according to jeremy, it's only going to get bigger. i drew the line at him building a little shelter for it, though. apparently the sun can crack the surface of the pumpkin. i needs a little suntan.
you can't see in this picture, but pants were apparently optional this evening...that's what happens when you go to knitting night and leave the boys alone. they drop their pants.
this picture just makes me laugh. i love this kid!


Brandon said...

Wow, Kel, that is amazing! I think that you should submit this picture to something. I mean, it has to win some award. :-)

Oh, and your socks are pretty incredible too! I love you!

Brandon said...

Okay, so I have no idea why that says Brandon. He doesn't have an account on here, so that is really random. This is really Mandy. But, I am sure Brandon will love you too when he meets you.

kristilynn said...

how many of those things do you guys have?? (i mean the pumpkins..not the babies)...that is huge!! sammy looks like he's not too sure ..he's so cute!!