Thursday, August 21, 2008


i finished a pair of socks last night. yay for sticking to a project long enough to get it DONE! i started the first sock in MAY...finished it 9 days ago...and got the second sock done in a week. it helps that the Great Declutter project is done, so there's less to do and less junk around to distract me!

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multi, color 306

Needles: US 2 bamboo dpns

Notes: Super easy sock method--I like top-down socks and I really wanted to keep them simple, since the yarn had such fun colors and I didn't think it would pool too badly. They almost look sort of camo-ish with the muted colors...not the plan, but I'll take it, they're cozy!

i had so much yarn left, i started a pair for the little one. if they fit him/her, maybe we'll wear our matching socks home from the hospital together! or at least for thanksgiving. i love how quick it is to make baby socks! but i just made the pattern up, based on what i did for my socks, so we'll see if the second one comes out anywhere close to the first. good thing i have extra yarn--i can just make three socks and see if two of them match! this picture (in natural light!) shows the colors in the yarn much better.


Andrea Moberly said...

Awww... matching socks!! How cute :)

Jen said...

Adorable socks!
And thanks for the comment at Blessings! I'm having fun catching up with you and Jeremy and ADORABLE Sam through your blog...