Wednesday, August 06, 2008

walk like a man...

he was a little bit tired of doing this by the time i got the camera out, but here's a few steps w/ the little walker toy. i love the waddle!!!


that's all for today, really. not much else is crackin. i am happy to report that i made a successful target trip this morning. no babies locked in cars, no tears, no pregnant ladies lying on the asphalt. i even managed to not buy the numerous uneccessary things that tried so hard to make it into my cart!!!

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Matt and Betsy said...

You'll be excited to know that this video was the FIRST VIDEO I've ever watched online at our house!!! We have Fios now!!! oh, the possibilities are just endless!!! how do you put videos on your blog? I so can start doing that now!!!
cute walk, Sammy!