Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and they say romance is dead...

look at the email i just got from jeremy...i just had to chuckle...who else gets stuff like this???
just me.
i'm a lucky girl!

1 Gal Gray Dutchboy
B Lamp Blac -- 8L Rawumber 3 32D PhthaloG -- 4Eggshell
F 14-3
5 Gal White
Pushbroom (rebate)
Antennas on sale (20%)
Love you,


kristilynn said...

well..i'm hoping you can, at least, decipher it! miss you!

Matt and Betsy said...

Was this another list of things he needed you to get from the attic?
hahahahahahaha =)
a lot of that was a foreign language to me....
Jeremy makes me laugh.