Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new post, complete with pictures!!! wow, like wow, man...

ok, i'm going to try and make this a somewhat cohesive train of's what i see in my rearview mirror these days--isn't he FINEFINE in his coat???see the potato sitting there?? yes, that was a "comfort object"...sam does this thing where he gets a hold of some random non-toy object and clutches it for dear life, usually through the entire course of whatever errand we're on. last week, these objects included the potato, a USB cord for my mp3 player, toothbrushes (once it was mine, once it was his), and a tape measure. weirdo.

oh, and who am i kidding, my rearview usually looks more like this:you can see the oldest (therefore most visible!) tooth of his latest aquisitions...4 in a least he can bite things now! here's a happier shot of the tooth:all of these were taken on our way home from a pumpkin patch outing a week or two ago. i had to get him this pumpkin, since it was called a "baby boo" pumpkin, and we've been calling sam "boo" since day 1...he also like the peanut shell gourd:but wasn't impressed by pumpkin story time. he liked the straw better. he was running (well, as much as he can run!) around in the barn and doing things like this--anyone ever seen Innerspace??? this reminds me of the scene when Martin Short turns into The Cowboy. it's quite possible that NO ONE i know besides my brother has ever seen that movie.
this picture is here just because i like it. he's really this cute all the time. oh, except for when he's screaming in the car...i guess i can't fool you anymore, you saw the picture above.
my boys! when we pull up to the new house each evening to take food and do some work, sam says "dada!?"...every time. yep, that's dada's house. sometimes it does feel like we live separately. i don't like it. but i like these two fine men:

and...a couple walking videos!!! ignore my dryer and my tv...both wayyyy too loud...enjoy!!! video


Jen said...

Hello...he is TOOO cute! And, I think other folks' kids crying or whining is adorable. How terrible is that?!?!

Love the squeaky duck noises...

kristilynn said...

well..i like that sam likes potatos..and i like his i'm not so happy face :)! i also think he looks like young sierra and hunter in blue and grey striped polo shirt! i miss you!! xoxoxox