Monday, November 24, 2008

today was supposed to be his birthday!

marcus was due the 29th...and was scheduled to be born today. i would have liked to have had this time to get ready for him, but he's healthy, he's home, and he's SUCH a good sleeper. so i'm not complaining! it's just funny to see that according to the ticker on my blog, i still have days left! good thing he's CUUUUTE:here he is, all cleared to go home last thursday night:

this is what i see, several times a day, now that we are home. sam, whining, because i can't/won't pick him up. what a turkey. good think jeremy is home.

and good thing sam can amuse himself (occasionally) he picked up half of a curtain rod and started waving it around. jeremy called it his "pimp stick" and i laughed so hard it hurt. especially because sam nearly took jeremy's eye out. i made jeremy give the stick back to him so i could try and get a picture. that's all, reallyy. happy thanksgiving week! i don't have to tell you what i'll be giving thanks for, do i??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

little by little...

Today has been encouraging! I had a moment to think a little myself through the disappointment of not being able to take a baby home today...and I realized I'm not freaking out about some of the things that I thought were super important to me that I don't get to do or don't get to do quite yet. So pat on the back for me! Must be all the people praying. Amazing. If that's you, have no idea how grateful I am! I'm even using capital letters as I type this, so you know I mean it.

Marcus has slowed his breathing down a little bit, so finally there is a little bit of progress there. He had another chest x-ray and doc says the infection in his lungs looked like it was getting a little bit better. I can't explain how good it feels to hear even those little things, rather than hearing "he's pretty much the same." I finally quit crying in the NICU, too.

The best thing, though? He's had two bottle of mama's special dairy delight! The doctor was in the room this morning and originally said Marcus couldn't have food until tomorrow. Then little man starting smacking like crazy on his binky, and literally made the doctor turn back around, take another look and change his mind! Didn't even have to use a feeding tube, since he was acting like he could handle a bottle. I got to feed him some milk and he went right to sweet.

After his second bottle, our sneaky amazing nurse closed the curtains and let me hold the little guy...until the doctor showed up and she had to dash in and do an about-face. pretty funny. there were two nurses in the hallway trying to stall him as well. yay for fun nurses! Here he is before he had to go back in his bed--feeding tube GONE! smoooooch!
and back in the bed:

and just for fun, a picture of Marcus, with only 2 hours left in my belly:

it feels like it's been a lot more than 4 days...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh boy oh BOY!

it's been a wild few days!
went to my regularly scheduled OB appointment on wednesday.
doc checks a few things, asks how i feel about having a baby in the morning...
i was having some preeeeettty good contractions and didn't even know it.
yep, i'm a ditz!
i thought it was something i ate.

i hemmed and hawed a little bit, because baby wasn't technically even due until the 29th and i had a c-section scheduled for the 24th, but she told me she was worried about my uterus cranking too hard with the weak spot around my old incision...and she thought baby was plenty big.

i got to sleep at home that night and went to the hospital at 6:30.
at 8:40, Marcus Daniel joined us!
7 pounds, 7 ounces.
20 inches long.
i love him!
doc informed me that my uterus was stretched paper-thin around my incision, so we made the right choice...felt good about that....

everything seemed fine, but they wanted to check out marcus' little lungs...
he was (and still is) breathing wayyyy too fast.  
and it turns out he has some fluid and a little infection in there.
so he'll be on IV antibiotics for a week.
which means he has to stay in the NICU for at least that long.
hopefully that's all!  
we know God has it, but it's hard to just wait and feel so un-helpful.
we can't even hold him yet!
so we sit and talk to him and listen to him grunt.

we'd love to have your prayers, anyone who is reading this!
prayers for a short and healthy stay in the NICU.
prayers for mama who gets a little overwhelmed at seeing all the cords and monitors and stuff taped all over her new little babe.
PRAISE for an otherwise healthy little guy and family/friends being so helpful and excited with us!
PRAISE for really sweet nurses and helpful medicine and good insurance!
PRAISE for my recovery thus far--i feel really good for being eviscerated just under 48 hours ago!

more to come.