Monday, November 24, 2008

today was supposed to be his birthday!

marcus was due the 29th...and was scheduled to be born today. i would have liked to have had this time to get ready for him, but he's healthy, he's home, and he's SUCH a good sleeper. so i'm not complaining! it's just funny to see that according to the ticker on my blog, i still have days left! good thing he's CUUUUTE:here he is, all cleared to go home last thursday night:

this is what i see, several times a day, now that we are home. sam, whining, because i can't/won't pick him up. what a turkey. good think jeremy is home.

and good thing sam can amuse himself (occasionally) he picked up half of a curtain rod and started waving it around. jeremy called it his "pimp stick" and i laughed so hard it hurt. especially because sam nearly took jeremy's eye out. i made jeremy give the stick back to him so i could try and get a picture. that's all, reallyy. happy thanksgiving week! i don't have to tell you what i'll be giving thanks for, do i??


kristilynn said...

oh i love you! and your family and your BABIES!!! i love sammy in his green footy pj's and the "pimp stick"! haha. i want to see you guys soooooo BAD!! i might get to come home for new years....sigh. love you, lala xoxoxo and all the good stuff! eat some turkey and feel better!!

Jen said...

Charlie and I rolled over the pimp stick!
Glad you are all home and doing well...happy thanksgiving!