Monday, December 08, 2008

today's top 10

top 10 things i'm loving right now?

1. my little helper. sam is loving to mimic right now. so when i was attending to some spit up on the carpet, i gave him a rag and he "helped" me...such a good little boy!
2. having the tree up--sam LOVES it, and he's been VERY good about the ornaments, much to my surprise. i love to see his eyes light up and his mouth make a big "O" and he yells "ooooh!!" when he sees it in the morning! 3. bath time with this little one--no more sponge baths, so he's pretty happy about that.4. the rooting reflex. i think it's just sooooooo precious and cute. even when i'm smooching on him and he roots on my nose...let's not discuss what that might imply about my nose.
5. SNOW! well, when i'm inside, at least. it's so pretty and i'm not tired of it yet. give me a day.

6. not having my christmas shopping done. it just doesn't feel that important. it's not the point of the holiday, not for me. the starbucks girl asked me last night if i had all my shopping done. i just said "nope, and it's ok!"...she looked worried for me.

7. the point of christmas. i'm not spending great lengths of time reading my bible right now, but i do take the quiet (and not so quiet!) moments in the middle of the night (and middle of the day!) to reflect on it and make it fresh in my mind...

8. wakey-wake time with the smallest heineywipe!

9. new contacts. and a new eye doctor that i really like.

10. our christmas/baby announcement card, a la the amazing betsy. girl has skills, i must say. and i'm soooo very excited to get my hands on them and send them out!


kristilynn said...

oh how i like you and your babies!! (jeremy, he's pretty cool too :) )

love you

Mandy said...

SUCH a cutie, Kelly! I love that little face.