Monday, March 24, 2008

i didn't teach him this trick on purpose...

sam is now dancing whenever he hears music--so cute! i guess it's because whenever i have music on, i bounce him around in my arms and sing along. or i just make up music and bounce him around. over the past few days, he's started bopping on his own to lots of things: me singing some ridiculous made-up song, the radio, stuff on tv.

i've been trying soooo hard to get a good bit of video...i'll keep trying, but for now you can get the idea. here he is, enjoying a little salt-n-pepa (don't judge me):

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

no good title

not much to report at my ripe old age of 29. age appears to be directly proportional to how boring i am. and the fact that i just used the word "proportional" proves this statement to be true.

good thing Jamie came to see me over her spring break. it was nothing short of fabulous to see my dear friend. she lifts my spirits, even when we don't "do" anything! and she has a nice rear view: this is us, trying to get a little self-portrait...makes me giggle. poor baby. little does he know this will probably happen every time auntie heimer comes to visit!
last night it was "warm", so our little fannnn-damily went for a walk. it was really misty, so we got pretty wet over the course of 2 miles or so. do you see that he's holding a binky? yesterday afternoon, Sam became rather attached to that pacifier...not in the traditional way where the baby sucks on a pacifier...but in the way where the baby clenches the pacifier in his fat little fist until his knuckles turn white. yep, he even carried it the whole way in the bjorn...cold wet air and all...silly baby. he doesn't even USE a pacifier. he was screaming when i was changing his diaper, and i pulled pacifier out of a basket to give him something to mess with. i guess it worked.

knitting post to come, eventually. i've been doing a little bit of crafty type things, but mostly other things. tomorrow we're off to wisconsin for Easter...wish us luck, traveling with the wee one!

Friday, March 14, 2008

30 things...

i have exactly one year until i'm 30, soooooooo i thought i'd make a list. i've been mulling it over for about a month and a half. some things are challenging, some are just things that i've been putting off too long.

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30...

1. try 30 new recipes, whether or not Jeremy will eat them. :)
2. go sledding or skiing or enjoy snow in some way
3. get away overnight with the husband and not the baby
4. set up an organized recycling area in the garage
5. go letterboxing
6. visit a winery
7. knit a sweater i love
8. make a new quilt for our bed
9. knit a lace project
10. read a photography book and try to take better pictures
11. donate all clothes that i don't wear
12. figure out something to improve my hair situation...maybe a really good cut/color
13. get a little time away all by myself, preferably a night and a day away somewhere sweet and relaxing
14. sew myself a fun summer skirt
15. can something--tomatoes, this summer?
16. create 30 pages for my art journal.
17. purge sewing supplies and organize what i will actually USE
18. put sam photos (of year 1) that will not be scrapped into album
19. purge kitchen supplies/tools/appliances/crap--get it down to what i actually USE (seeing a theme here?)
20. run in a race or fun run
21. swim across Big Turkey
22. attend a local farmer's market at least 5 times
23. organize and back up my computer files
24. go on a media fast for at least a week at least 3 times
25. read at least 5 "helpful" books
26. read at least 5 "pleasure" books
27. write a knitting pattern
28. learn how to spin
29. make pillows for the back room
30. floss!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


BYOW = Bring Your Own Whine...and no, I didn't misspell "Whine" and yesterday have been some of the whiniest, clingy-est days of young hineywipe's life. Seriously, I can't leave the room. Or an area within 10 feet of the child. Um, teeth? Hurry up, if you are causing this! The only solution I have found that works reliably is to put on the Beastie Boys and dance around with him. He's particularly fond of "Root Down"... However, the husband brings gifts of candy, which is always appreciated...yes that is a NEW 5-pounder of the good & plenty...I need an intervention.
The cuteness of chubby bare feet sticking out of little jeans also makes up for the whineyness.Maybe, just maybe, he has inherited my "flip-flop groove"...a good sign, since it makes the wearing of said footwear rather instinctive.
It's been a ridiculous couple of days. I managed to break the bathroom sink with a broken humidifier...yeah...and today I ran a used diaper through the washing machine. I think I need to have my head checked.