Thursday, July 31, 2008

feeling like a jerk...

i suppose it had to happen at some point...and i had managed to avoid it for over a year. but that doesn't make me feel any better.

i nearly fried my kid today. my car said it was 94, which sounds high, but it felt about right, and
i locked him in the car at target...ughhhh...

i don't know how other people juggle these things, but when i leave a store, i roll the cart to my car, unload child first, then dump everything else in the car, roll the cart into the cart stall and usually go about my merry way.

enter STUPID automatic door lock feature. satan lives in my door locks. apparently if you don't open the DRIVER's door within a certain time frame after using the keychain clicker, the doors lock back up. whether or not your baby/purse/keys/phone/money is in the car or not. in my case, all i had in my hand was my sunglasses...which were NOT helpful in case of an emergency! i looked around and tried to figure out if it would be worth it to try and break the glass and which window would be the best one to sacrifice???

i promise i had a hide a key at some point...but it's not there anymore, and FOUR kind strangers stopped to ask the bawling pregnant lady lying on the asphalt under her car if they could help...and none of them could find it either. so one lady called the police and the policeman didn't really understand the problem and asked me how long i had left my kid in the car while i was shopping...WHAT??? yes, that's what he asked. i burst forth tears again and tried to explain, but was no match for the woman who had become my new best friend and told the cop in no uncertain terms that the baby had been in the car for no longer than 10 minutes, she had seem everything and no good mother would do that and couldn't he see i was a wreck? he was ready to call the ambulance in for sam and haul me off to jail. oh i kid you not.

long story slightly less long? he finally jimmied the door open with something that looked like a doorstop and a stretched out hanger...and sam was free. my new best friend pretty much ordered me to go into starbucks with her and bought me a drink and got water for sam. we chatted, i actually liked her a lot. she was SUPER nice and i felt slightly LESS bad about myself.

and a little better about the world at large.

lots of times i dislike "people" in people in stores that aren't nice or seem inconsiderate of those around them or bad drivers or people who talk on cell phones when they are being waited on. you know, everyone that isn't me or someone i love. they're all jerks, right? i'm bad.

but today i was proven very wrong.
and i'm glad for that.
thanks, God, for the reminder.
i needed it.

and bigger thanks that my little man will be just fine.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday update!

in just a short bit (at 11:17), samuel will officially be a one-year-old! we had an amazing weekend celebrating the past 365 days that we've had with him! on friday, we had a big cookout with family and friends--it was so great to see everyone, even if sam was pretty clueless as to why his house was invaded and he had to eat dinner in the garage. everyone was so sweet to share the love of our little man!

and he was sweet enough to share his raspberry cupcake with me!!!
there's so much pressure to make a mess out of yourself with your birthday cake!! sam ate most of his cupcake, but didn't really mess himself up too badly...

i finally got a picture of what he does with his feet every time he eats. i thnk it's so funny! and if he can reach the table, he'll curl his toes over the tabletop. good thing he's still little and his feet are still cute!

today, his real birthday, was a perrrrfect day to be cute. and to eat leftover cupcakes in our pajamas!

who's super excited to be ONE today????!!! this guy:

aaaaand one more from the end of the day--bday pic in the bday suit! doesn't he look thrilled?? ENOUGH w/ the camera, big mama!
i don't really lean towards the mushy...especially not on this blog...but this past year has been so great! sometimes it's sooooo hard, but i love being a mama, and i'm so blessed to have the priviledge of raising this particular little guy. it blows me away to think about how much he's grown and everything he's learned and done over the past year. and everything jeremy and i have learned and done! we love you sammy!!!!! you're the best boy for us!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

pre-birthday birthday stuff!

shhhh...don't tell him that's his's a surprise for tomorrow! i'm sooooo very proud of my husband's amazing skills! he built adirondack chairs for us a couple of summers ago, and for sam's birthday, he scaled the pattern down and made a matching chair for sam. he seems to enjoy sitting there with his chilly beverage. the wood has to dry out, so next summer we'll paint it white to match ours. i think jeremy is making one more, so #2 doesn't feel left out, even though s/he won't be making much use out of it next summer....

and now, for your enjoyment, we proudly present..."the scoot"...i don't think i've put any video up of sam's method of movement, so here's proof that he's not like the other babies...

Monday, July 21, 2008

true story.

so i'm pretty tired of my hormones.

my husband just made me cry. we don't know what this baby is, and i don't think we will. but we're having a hard time coming up w/ a boy name other than Samuel. it would probably be bad form to use that again. but i came up with a few i liked and shared my #1 boy name pick w/ him...and to jeremy's credit, i didn't tell him it was my #1 pick. i just ran it past him to get an honest opinion. and i guess that's what i got.

he told me that name was ridiculous and he would have to DIE, no, someone would have to MURDER him before i could name a baby that name. and hadn't he ever told me about so-and-so that he knows and can't stand, who is also named that name???

so i guess i forgot about that guy.
because i don't know him.

jeremy then suggested Enos. which to me, sounds like ANUS. we are not naming any child of ours anything that sounds like that. jeremy's defense? there was some guy on the Dukes of Hazzard named Enos...thank goodness he was joking about a name. too bad i wasn't. :(

but now jeremy is in the laundry room, with a plastic hanger.

because he heard an animal in there.

i almost cried again...because that's where all the hamburger/hot dog buns are that i bought for our cookout...

at least he can be my hero when he eradicates whatever is in there....he did protectively close the door to the room i'm in. to save me from the beast. what a great guy.

i love him, i really do.
i don't love crazy raging pregnancy hormones.
i don't remember this from last time.
but i'm sure i was just as bad, i just choose to forget.

i suppose i can try to find some new baby's funny how many of these names i liked on paper or in my head sound so ridiculous when i actually think about a REAL LIVE person wearing one of them around for their entire life...

dog days...

it's hot and i baked a cake. the crazy runs deep today. i blame the fetus. it was a tasty cake, you should try it, though it miiiiight be half a cake right now, since we're both home and the baby seemed to like it, too! i was accused of trying to make jeremy fat. i told him he could eat one piece instead of four. and FURTHERMORE i made the afore-mentioned confection in part because jeremy likes to buy things in bulk and i didn't think that sam could chow through the THREE 32 ounces containers of yogurt before they got too sour...

in other poorly-chosen-non-nutritive-food news, we went to 3 rivers last week, and sam had his first taste of an elephant ear--and was a fan, of course. he also checked out the fountains at headwaters park for the first time...didn't like those quite as well as the fried dough.

we were able to spend friday at the lake cottage before the weather turned, and it really seems like sam is enjoying the water more and more each time we take him up there. we'd hold him up so he could "swim" on his belly, and he loooooved it. he kept trying to stick his face in the lake...took in quite a bit of turkey water, so we'll just hope that's a boost to his little immune system and leave it at that! look how much fun he's having in his little-man trunks! you'd smile like that if you were that cute, too!

swimming was apparently good for his appetite, because after these pictures were taken, the child ate and ENTIRE HOT DOG. this, from the kid that won't eat any meat. ever.

to me, it looks like he's saying the pledge of allegiance:

last night we were able to get out for a much needed date night--it was soooo nice. we had dinner and cork and cleaver, then horsed around at borders, then went to the 3 river fireworks. the baby was wonderful, and we're really happy with the new sitter. unfortunately, besides from baking a cake, i've been a crappy wife today. poor jeremy. i tried to warn him that the pregnancy hormones were on level 10 today and i knew i was being a jerk, but it didn't make it any easier for me to stop...i cried at sam's club while we were buying burgers and such for the big bday party this weekend.

that's all i have for now...looking forward to the big ultrasound this wednesday! woooooo!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

happy little list for today, july 11.

1. jeremy is home from colorado!!! we had fun, the babe and i. but it's good to have my mountain man back again!

2. watching jeremy play with sam. he's a great dad and they are such buddies, i love it! sam also eats MUCH better for jeremy...not sure what that's all about. could it have anything to do with the fact that jeremy lets him have animal crackers with breakfast...??

3. girly dinner tonight w/ janice. red meat was consumed. that's how i like it!!!

4. heading to the lake tomorrow, weather permitting...

5. garden fresh red potatoes...we made food from dirt! neat, huh?

6. little one #2 is kicking and happy at 20 weeks. i'm up 6 pounds so far, and that's about how things were last time, so no fear--i'll pack it on. just you wait. i've gone from feeling a little uneasy about being pregnant again so soon to being just ok with it to being genuinely excited. the excited part really just took hold this week. i feel a little bit bad, since it was so easy to get pregnant and not everyone has that luxury...but my feelings were real and i had gave it some time...because i knew i'd come around. so now i can say i'm really and truly looking forward to late november and meeting this little bittie.

7. sitting outside w/ my boys tonight, seeing fireflies.

8. watching the mail for my ridiculous ebay purchases to show's like christmas in july!

9. iced tea.

10. watermelon.

Friday, July 04, 2008

aaaaaaand we're back!

happy 4th! i'm on a computer and not blowing anything up tonight, since the baby is already in bed and i like having 10 fingers. it comes in handy, especially when i want to knit.


we had a great trip up to Saugatuck, MI. we didn't DO much, really...relaxed on the beach, relaxed by the pool, relaxed out to dinner, relaxed getting ice get the idea. it was nice to just connect with each other and be "us", and leave the "mom and dad" part out of it for a bit.

oval beach is ranked in the top 25 in the world by some travel magazine, due in part to beautiful sunsets, apparently:
before we left, our super nice neighbors gave us a fun little car for sam, since their son is too big for it now. it looks so foreign in our garage--it seems like we don't have a kid old enough to use THAT. but he likes being pushed around in it! how did we go from baby to boy so fast??? i think the polo shirt helps him look even more grown up. clothes make the man and all.since we're going backwards in time, here's last weekend--sam has been in the lake a few more times now--he's starting to like it more and more. this is good. please pretend you don't see the disaster that is my hair. yeeesh.

and if you recall a few posts back, there's a plant that i described--a plumeria from our honeymoon that jeremy is always trying to kill. well, not really, but he always threatens to kill it, because he hates it. because he thinks it looks like a cigar. well, NOT ANYMORE!!!! after five and a half years, it has sent out one little amazing smelling flower!!!! which, shortly after this picture was taken, jeremy knocked off of the plant. BOOOOOOO...he claimed it was an, i'm not so sure...but at least i have a picture to prove that our "plant of love" actually DID bloom: