Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and they say romance is dead...

look at the email i just got from jeremy...i just had to chuckle...who else gets stuff like this???
just me.
i'm a lucky girl!

1 Gal Gray Dutchboy
B Lamp Blac -- 8L Rawumber 3 32D PhthaloG -- 4Eggshell
F 14-3
5 Gal White
Pushbroom (rebate)
Antennas on sale (20%)
Love you,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yep, still here, somewhere...

it's been a little busy around here! i think even if we didn't have a whole construction zone going on at our new house i wouldn't have updated until now. it's that whole fall/change of season and routine thing, i guess. at least that's how i explain it. but right now both sam and leena are sleeping, so i can get to this.

top news at this point in time...

1. sam FINALLY has another tooth, tooth #3 finally showed up yesterday...about 4 months after tooth #2. i love his gummy grin, so i wasn't super worried, but the more teeth he has, the better eater he'll be, i hope.

2. the new house is coming along, though "new" is only a relative term. as in, new to us. although at this point it has all new ceilings (even in the garage!) and some new paint has been rolled. this week we hope to get the rest of the painting done, so we can tile and then get the carpet installed...i say we, but it's really my husband, his dad, and any nicenicenice friends he can round up. thanks go out to chad and logan. me? i just put new pulls on the cabinets and put liner in the drawers...sam's job was to take the liners out of the drawer and replace them with half-eaten soggy pretzels. excellent work, my boy. his other job was to grab my big water mug (anyone else still use those from the hospital???) annd drink about 16-20 oz of crystal light (ohhh i'm not kidding) and then pee through his diaper and clothes...twice. so i took him home in a diaper, and i think i MAY just have found the trick to a happy car ride. nudie time. hmmmm....not sure how i feel about that.

3. baby #2 is coming along nicely, i believe. it certainly seems to be living it up in's SO very busy. i love when i can see my belly move like a little alien is setting up shop in there. up until last wednesday, i had been measuring small and not gaining much weight, but now i'm measuring right on time and i made up for lost time in the weight department, to put it nicely...i still think it's going to be a little bit smaller baby than sam was, since i measured large with him, AND he was a week late...OH and had the largest noggin ever. i need to get a decent picture of this belly before this baby shows up!!! i have no officially guess as to what this one is. i keep changing my mind. but it's fun that way.

okay, pictures of the past few weeks!

jeremy and his mini-me enjoying some end-of-summer grilling:

spending time with jeremy of course leads one to start using a calculator. gotta work on the diaper budget!!
alright...we have a lot of "before" pictures...this shot of the eating area and family room shows a good idea of what we're dealing with and hopefully will show a LOT of in improvement in a month or so! the light fixture is goinggoinggoingaway , the vinyl will be ripped out and kitchen/eating area tiled, the (awful) carpet will be replaced with something much lighter and cleaner, and there will be paint...lots and lot of paint! even those beams and the built-ins on the sides of the fireplace...hopefully it'll lighten things up. that railing thing will be ripped out, much to sam's dismay. he likes to peep at you through the spaces. and you can't tell, but the popcorn that's there in the picture is all gone and spanish lace has been put in its place and it looks soooo good, thanks hubby!!!
this is the part of the backyard i like to refer to as The Site Of The Meteor Strike. there was a koi pond back there that was rather...unkempt, shall we say? the previous ownders wanted to take it with them, and we had noooo problem with that...however, we were left with a hole the size of...something very monstrous. so if you have anything you need to bury (like a wooly mammoth? a dinosaur carcass?), let me know. we have to figure out how to fill it in so we don't wind up w/ standing water...becuase you KNOW it would wind up in the basement. that's just how things go. we call that the H-factor, my friends.this is the master bedroom, mid-ceiling-repair. the whole house looked like this (like we were trying to quarantine some infectious disease, perhaps?) over the weekend, but it's getting remarkably better.and a couple of pics from our morning. what is it about dandelions??? you don't have to teach little kids to pick them and give them to their mamas, they just DO. and it made me all melty. :) first flowers from my boy!

how i wish that shadow wasn't there...

pardon the pjs...we don't do regular clothes until after the AM nap unless we're going somewhere. if i knew anything about photoshop, i'd love to play w/ this picture. too cute. since betsy is getting all digital-like, maybe she can assist??? hmmm...

woooo that's enough for now! good thing i type fast...xoxoox

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

got a dirty mouth?

someone needs some orbit gum:

i was on the phone...and thought sam was fine. and i guess he was, really...but i turned around after i hung up the phone and saw him eating dirt out of the plumeria. he was rather pleased with himself.

he also discovered the beauty of headphones today. he looks a bit puzzled, but i think he liked them.

knitting news??? YES! i FINISHED a sweater last friday...we'll see about some pictures...i'll have to get creative...since it's not a maternity sweater and i am decidedly maternal....