Friday, November 20, 2009

get your craft on!

this weekend, i'll be peddling my goods at a fun event!
come out and support fun and funky crafters!

Friday, November 13, 2009

happy birthday marky man!!!

hard to believe it's been a whole year since marcus showed up!!
and it's like he KNOWS it's his birthday.
he's being all extra cute and extra smileysmiles.
or maybe that's just me thinking that.
either way, it's definitely HIS day and god is good!
and it's sunny and gorgeous out, perfect!

yes, i know, PEAS! on his BIRTHDAY!
but he LOVES them, so that was lunch.
i tried to give him avocado and bits of turkey, but he turned up his nose.
hey, it's his day, right?
we're doing homemade pizza tonight and a couple of presents,
then having a party later this weekend.
i will try and do a blog post about that...
oh my poor neglected blog.
facebook is killing the blog, i do believe.
what with all my wit and spare minutes online going to snazzy (i try, at least) status messages!


and since he doesn't lend himself to being overlooked very easily,
i must say something about my mr. sammy mcsammerson...
today he told me, out of the blue:
"i got that boom boom boom, mama!"
pretty soon he'll be telling me that i'm so 2000 and late.


and hi megs! (you get a shoutout now that i know you read this!!!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

dirty little chip eater!

all the posts lately have been around sam, so i must share a story about little marky man this time! and this morning he gave me something to share.

so i went upstairs for about 3.2124 minutes this morning to get sam up and dressed, and i came down to a distinct...aroma...

i must not have shut the pantry door all the way, because marcus had helped himself to an open bag of bbq chips and got them EVERYWHERE...shellacked to the tile, ground into the carpet, smooshed in his hair, crammed in his mouth, dangling from his name it, it was there. must have been a very busy 3 minutes...he made the MOST of it!

i had a good chuckle and went hunting for the camera, of course. i was not prepared for sammy's reaction, though--the kid came UNGLUED. he's so very meticulous, and messes just freak him all the way out. i find this amusing. he very clearly didn't inherit the trait from me, she who laughs and takes a picture!

so it was a crazy 30 mins or so as i tried to manage sam's hysterics and clean up the mess and then get the baby bathed--i can NOT STAND the smell of bbq chips...all this before breakfast...unless you count chips as breakfast. ick!

for those of you that remember our cat (who got into EVERYTHING food-related)...jeremy pointed out that we didn't need to miss mister popo anymore because who needs a cat when you have marcus?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sam was sitting on the counter this morning, eating his oatmeal.
he noticed my to-do list and asked what it was.
so i explained, and read off all the tasks that i plan on doing today.
clean out my car, mop the floors, vacuum upstairs, etc.
and he pointed to the list and said: "make brownies for sammy"...!!!
what a little sneech!

Monday, August 24, 2009

his powers of observation...

me: (rolling red play-doh into a log shape)
sam: it looks like a sidewalk chalk!

me: (rolling brown play-doh into a log shape)
sam: it looks like a poop!

that is all today.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sweetest prayer. ever.

our bedtime routine goes something like this: bath, pjs, brush teeth, read books, then hop into the rocking chair to pray and sing some songs. tonight i told sam it was time to pray...usually, i just say a very general prayer--thankfulness for events of the day, etc...tonight, sammy folded his hands and said "oh God..." the rest of the prayer went like this:

me: i'm thankful for...
sam: dada!
me: i'm thankful for...
sam: mama!
me: i'm thankful for...
sam: cake!
me: i'm thankful for...
sam: milk!
me: i'm thankful for...
sam: food!
me: in jesus' name...
sam: amen.

oh very sweet.
i'm thankful for...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

funny boys...

i realize i still need to post about sam's bday, but sickness has overtaken our the form of hand, foot and mouth virus. poor little boys...they are on the mend, now, fevers are gone.

last night went like this:
j: sam, what would make you feel better?
s: feel better.
j: what would make you feel better?
s: cookies!
j: we don't have any's a marshmallow.

FUNNY boys in my life!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

my sweet swweeeeeet sammy!

today i'm finding it a little funny that sam doesn't like to be bossed around.

i'm a little over halfway through 4 weeks of keeping my friend's 2yo daughter, and she likes to tell sam to "sit here" "play with this" "come here" get the idea. wellll sam is NOT into this at all. he doesn't know yet how to tell her no, so he just screams at her. nice. not really. we're working on "no thanks". but it's good for him to have a friend around, to learn how to work this stuff out!

he's also starting to tell me "no" a little bit...i'm suprised it took him this long, really.
today when i told him to sit in his chair and he didn't do it until i starting walking towards him. he didn't know it, but he was going to get a time out.
well, i guess he did know it...
sometimes it's so hard to discipline him...he's so stinking cute, and he's really very good and very obedient most of the time. hopefully that will last!my heart gets so full when i look at these little guys. i think more and more about how much MORE full god's heart must get when he looks at us. and it pretty much blows my mind. and how much does his heart laugh at/with/near us when we do stuff like sam and try to be sneaky and not sit in the chair until we realize we've been caught...metaphorically speaking, of course. :)

i like thinking about that. a lot.

Friday, June 26, 2009

hello, summer!

long time, no blog, eh? i'll just say that i've been outside a LOT lately! summer has finally come to indiana, all hot and humid-like. i'm babysitting for a few weeks, so i take the two toddlers outside every day from 10-12 while m's so nice to let them run around and play in the sandbox, the baby pool, on the swings and slides...they eat lunch, and then they are POOPED so they take amazing naps in the afternoon.

that's pretty much the summary (hahah summary...get it?) of my past couple of weeks. it's a tough life. no, i'm so very blessed to be able to be home with my boys and to be able to help a friend out when she was in need of child care for a month or so. sam does SO WELL with having a friend around--learning to share and take turns and all of that. i have a sneaking suspicion that he's of the introverted persuasion, but a few hours of play does him a lot of good anyways.

summer is best enjoyed near water, no? sam finds this to be the case...and he looooves to drive the boat with gpa h.

our first lake weekend of the year was a mixed bag. sam LOVED everything--the water, the sand, hanging out in the cottage w/ all the little people toys circa 1982...and marcus seemed to be fairly interested in all things big turkey. as interested as you can be at 7mo. it was the sleeping that killed us...or shall i say the attempts at sleeping. the boys actually slept quite well, but sam coughs a lot at night, which resulted in him being moved into the living room at 5am...and marcus is an EARLY riser, so i woke sam and jeremy up shortly after they had settled back to sleep when marcus and i came out at 6:30 to start the day. i think we're going to try a different plan in the that involves different sleeping arrangements...sigh.

other than the lake, we've been busy with home improvement projects...(ha! "we" = jeremy, but i like to feel involved since i live here) this week it's been a new front door and all kinds of crazy trellis stuff for the garden...also in progress is the manly lair in the basement and the purchase of a new sliding door for the back room. how long it will be in the garage is anyone's guess...i don't think jeremy is looking forward to that of these days we'll have the bigger projects done, right? something tells me that busybee husband of mine will keep finding things to do!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


soooo i wear bandannas a lot. probably almost every day in the summer. because i'm lazy and it keeps all the fuzzy hair off my face. today, sam pointed at it and said "mama hat" and then pointed to himself and said "sam hat."

could i do anything BUT oblige? he wants to be like mama!

he looked like a cute little pirate! i tried to get him to wear it outside for our walk, but it was ripped off shortly after i took the picture!

Monday, May 04, 2009

terrible twos, starting a few months early??

this morning, at the grocery store:
marcus starts crying (he had a BAAAD morning!).
sam: "Shut up."
i didn't think i heard him right, so i said "what?"
sam: "Shut up."
clear as day.
oooook...this is very funny to me, but i suppose my toddler can't go around telling his brother or anyone else to shut up...had to turn my face so he wouldn't see me laugh.
i'm sure he's sooo very fooled.
and daddy: in big trouble.
since he likes to say "shut up, baby" when marcus is fussing...
oh, these little mirrors...

unrelated to the shut up, but related to the naughty:
sam had his first ever time out today.
he likes to get out washrags and help me in the kitchen.
but he had already pulled out two rags, dunked them in mop water and "cleaned" quite enough.
so he went to get another rag out of the drawer, and i said no.
he turned at me and screamed "NOOOOOOO!!!"
sooooo time out.
he looked so pitiful and was all i could do to NOT laugh.
i love him when he's good.
and i love him when he's bad.

Friday, April 24, 2009

you should see the other guy....or not...there wasn't actually any fighting back.

a couple weeks ago, marcus was BITTEN by another child in the nursery at church! she nearly broke the skin!!! look--you can see the mark left by each JAW:

here he is, looking much cuter a couple of days ago, although the mark is STILL visible!
that's really all i've got today. it's friday and it's almost time to take off and hang w/ some girls, which is a welcome change from The Day Of Poop i have had at home. heeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


this is how sam set up his mr. bill and his big bossman...who would you put your money on??

Thursday, March 12, 2009


sam got a few hairs cut a week or so ago.
jeremy's first haircut was from his gpa H, so sam got the same treatment from his gpa H.
he was very very good!!! MUCH better than i expected.
the mama was also very good. not a tear.
sam had become very interested in the bumbo in the hours preceding the haircut, so i put the bumbo on the counter and it became our barber's chair!

Friday, February 06, 2009


somedays i'm able to come up with rather (i think!) clever status lines for facebook. sometimes i think about it when i'm out and about. sad, i know. but it's fun to start a silly little dialogue with one sentence. today, however, i feel like my facebook status should read "Kelly is able to please none of the people none of the time." but i just can't bring myself to be that negative. but it's just one of THOSE days.

i know it's not 100% awful. there are good things going on, and i'm really trying to see those...but when there is pink (from antibiotics) puke on your near-white carpet, you're covered in poop that is not your own (well, i guess it really doesn't matter who it belongs's poop) and you can't convince either small boy to cease needless wailing...well, it starts to feel a little dramatic and dire and i did leave the room and go scream in another room. and while it didn't make me feel *better*, it made me feel a little ridiculous and i guess that helped in the "get over yourself and just take care of it" department. i'd like to think i'd play it like a champ if this day just randomly descended in the middle of a bunch of good days. but it's been nearly two weeks of someone being sick, if not all of us being sick. we're just passing it around and around.

some of the good things are that we HAVE insurance and a doctor that we trust and we can always get in that day, usually in the next couple of hours. we have pretty good immune systems most of the time. we have carpet to puke on. we have drugs to puke up. i have a friend that came over so i could go wander target today. and what did i do? i bought stuff for those wailing boys. and enjoyed the sun a little bit. i was able to pray in the car and clear my head instead of singing ridiculous songs about frogs and lavatories to mr-i-hate-the-car. and there are some other things that i'm not slapping on the internet, but they are good, i believe. prayer is being answered. God is at work in the silence. hard to swallow when i want things my way, now, but you know how that goes.

and those afore-mentioned wailers?

excuse me, i'm going to go collapse.

Monday, January 26, 2009


did another digital "class" tonight. since the last page i did was about marcus, i made sure to find some cute pictures of sammy to use on this one. some of my favorites--luckily i had the camera out for the first time he ever gave me a flower! a dandelion, yes, but i'll take it!!!
i have the nicest husband...he knows when i need a break and really tries to make it happen for me most days, even when he's had a crazy day at work. sam's been sick and it was a bit of a rough day. there had been little to no napping. there was puking. the house was a wreck--i hadn't done my "monday list" of cleaning jobs and it was stressing me out...all i'd done was cuddle the little sick boy and run pukey laundry through the machine. i definitely take his general good health for granted. i had to check my attitude--i'm not entitled to a healthy kid, but it's sure easier when he is! it's also a good thing that the baby is so mellow, because since he appears to be feeling just fine, he had to take a back seat to his big bro today!

hopefully sam will be better tomorrow. it was muuuuuuch worse on sunday (THREE baths!), today was a bit better (ONE bath!), so it's got to be winding down! luckily, his 18 month checkup is tomorrow so i can run things past the doc and see what she thinks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i was informed that i needed to update my least that means someone reads this thing!

it's cold and snowy, but i'm holed away in my bedroom with my heated matress pad (toasty!) and laptop. my very nice and excellent husband's anniversary gift to me was an online digital scrapbooking class--not just the class, but the *child free time* to watch the videos and try out the ideas! i've played around with photoshop elements, but the extent of my expertise has only amounted to the ability to change a color photo into a b&w or sepia...which is pretty lame, because you can do that with any photo program or website. enter jessica sprague. my friend betsy mentioned the basic class, Up and Running, to me some months ago and i figured i'd eventually take it when i wasn't moving or preparing for the impending birth of a child!

so this afternoon i got to hang out in my bedroom and make this:

neat, huh?