Saturday, January 10, 2009

i was informed that i needed to update my least that means someone reads this thing!

it's cold and snowy, but i'm holed away in my bedroom with my heated matress pad (toasty!) and laptop. my very nice and excellent husband's anniversary gift to me was an online digital scrapbooking class--not just the class, but the *child free time* to watch the videos and try out the ideas! i've played around with photoshop elements, but the extent of my expertise has only amounted to the ability to change a color photo into a b&w or sepia...which is pretty lame, because you can do that with any photo program or website. enter jessica sprague. my friend betsy mentioned the basic class, Up and Running, to me some months ago and i figured i'd eventually take it when i wasn't moving or preparing for the impending birth of a child!

so this afternoon i got to hang out in my bedroom and make this:

neat, huh?


Betsy said...

yay! so fun to see your digital layout!!! adorable photo of the sam-man.

Jenny said...

yay! glad to hear from you! love ya kel! lil man is so cute!


Mandy said...

BEAUTIFUL! You already seem to have this stuff down, Kel! So cute. Can't wait to see what else you make. Photoshop is the best.

gabbyfek said...

did you know that jess is one of my good friends/near neighbors?
i love this page
and you
and the internets
and scrapbooking
and your blog that i missed and am now catching up on that makes me happy.