Monday, January 26, 2009


did another digital "class" tonight. since the last page i did was about marcus, i made sure to find some cute pictures of sammy to use on this one. some of my favorites--luckily i had the camera out for the first time he ever gave me a flower! a dandelion, yes, but i'll take it!!!
i have the nicest husband...he knows when i need a break and really tries to make it happen for me most days, even when he's had a crazy day at work. sam's been sick and it was a bit of a rough day. there had been little to no napping. there was puking. the house was a wreck--i hadn't done my "monday list" of cleaning jobs and it was stressing me out...all i'd done was cuddle the little sick boy and run pukey laundry through the machine. i definitely take his general good health for granted. i had to check my attitude--i'm not entitled to a healthy kid, but it's sure easier when he is! it's also a good thing that the baby is so mellow, because since he appears to be feeling just fine, he had to take a back seat to his big bro today!

hopefully sam will be better tomorrow. it was muuuuuuch worse on sunday (THREE baths!), today was a bit better (ONE bath!), so it's got to be winding down! luckily, his 18 month checkup is tomorrow so i can run things past the doc and see what she thinks.

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kristilynn said...

well, i think it's definitely ok that monday (or any day of the week lists) get the back seat to cuddling with sick babes. and even more ok, when super great hubs gives you breaks. i miss you. i hope to see you soon...and your babies.
your "class" is it more about how to use photoshop (elements?) or scrapbooking? I can't figure out my photoshop :(. xoxoxo