Thursday, March 12, 2009


sam got a few hairs cut a week or so ago.
jeremy's first haircut was from his gpa H, so sam got the same treatment from his gpa H.
he was very very good!!! MUCH better than i expected.
the mama was also very good. not a tear.
sam had become very interested in the bumbo in the hours preceding the haircut, so i put the bumbo on the counter and it became our barber's chair!


kristilynn said...

Sam is so CUTE!!! i want one...with just as much cuteness! and i LOVE that he has hairs to cut :)!! i wish i could see your boys and squeeze them and give them kisses!! (and you too)!!


Jen said...

How adorable! I think our Sams have just about the same amount of hair. Maybe they take after their Dadas?

Mandy said...

Kel, I LOVE hearing your voice. I miss you. And Sam is so adorable.

jamie p said...

oooh yay for grandpa/grandson time! Love it!!