Friday, April 24, 2009

you should see the other guy....or not...there wasn't actually any fighting back.

a couple weeks ago, marcus was BITTEN by another child in the nursery at church! she nearly broke the skin!!! look--you can see the mark left by each JAW:

here he is, looking much cuter a couple of days ago, although the mark is STILL visible!
that's really all i've got today. it's friday and it's almost time to take off and hang w/ some girls, which is a welcome change from The Day Of Poop i have had at home. heeeeeeeee.


jamie p said...

you should teach him how to bite back! What's with church kids these days???

love these pics though, he's just so adorable, seriously. You make beautiful babies.

Mandy said...

Ouch! That's crazy! I am not sure how I would have reacted to that.

Hey...we are growing pumpkins in our garden this year. You inspired me. :-) Thanks.