Friday, November 13, 2009

happy birthday marky man!!!

hard to believe it's been a whole year since marcus showed up!!
and it's like he KNOWS it's his birthday.
he's being all extra cute and extra smileysmiles.
or maybe that's just me thinking that.
either way, it's definitely HIS day and god is good!
and it's sunny and gorgeous out, perfect!

yes, i know, PEAS! on his BIRTHDAY!
but he LOVES them, so that was lunch.
i tried to give him avocado and bits of turkey, but he turned up his nose.
hey, it's his day, right?
we're doing homemade pizza tonight and a couple of presents,
then having a party later this weekend.
i will try and do a blog post about that...
oh my poor neglected blog.
facebook is killing the blog, i do believe.
what with all my wit and spare minutes online going to snazzy (i try, at least) status messages!


and since he doesn't lend himself to being overlooked very easily,
i must say something about my mr. sammy mcsammerson...
today he told me, out of the blue:
"i got that boom boom boom, mama!"
pretty soon he'll be telling me that i'm so 2000 and late.


and hi megs! (you get a shoutout now that i know you read this!!!)


mer said...

There's no way you're 2000 and late! But he sure is 3008!

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!! Being one is the bomb!


Mandy said...

Wow...that last picture looks so much like Jeremy! Happy Birthday, Marcus!

meghan said...

your shout out=hilarious.
love. love. love. love. LOVE your blog.
what do i also love??
your wicked camera skills.
my friend=talented.
p.s. happy belated birthday, marcus!!!
peas cannot be a bad thing...
even on birthdays. ;)
p.p.s. january cannot come quick enough, dearest.