Friday, February 06, 2009


somedays i'm able to come up with rather (i think!) clever status lines for facebook. sometimes i think about it when i'm out and about. sad, i know. but it's fun to start a silly little dialogue with one sentence. today, however, i feel like my facebook status should read "Kelly is able to please none of the people none of the time." but i just can't bring myself to be that negative. but it's just one of THOSE days.

i know it's not 100% awful. there are good things going on, and i'm really trying to see those...but when there is pink (from antibiotics) puke on your near-white carpet, you're covered in poop that is not your own (well, i guess it really doesn't matter who it belongs's poop) and you can't convince either small boy to cease needless wailing...well, it starts to feel a little dramatic and dire and i did leave the room and go scream in another room. and while it didn't make me feel *better*, it made me feel a little ridiculous and i guess that helped in the "get over yourself and just take care of it" department. i'd like to think i'd play it like a champ if this day just randomly descended in the middle of a bunch of good days. but it's been nearly two weeks of someone being sick, if not all of us being sick. we're just passing it around and around.

some of the good things are that we HAVE insurance and a doctor that we trust and we can always get in that day, usually in the next couple of hours. we have pretty good immune systems most of the time. we have carpet to puke on. we have drugs to puke up. i have a friend that came over so i could go wander target today. and what did i do? i bought stuff for those wailing boys. and enjoyed the sun a little bit. i was able to pray in the car and clear my head instead of singing ridiculous songs about frogs and lavatories to mr-i-hate-the-car. and there are some other things that i'm not slapping on the internet, but they are good, i believe. prayer is being answered. God is at work in the silence. hard to swallow when i want things my way, now, but you know how that goes.

and those afore-mentioned wailers?

excuse me, i'm going to go collapse.