Tuesday, May 05, 2009


soooo i wear bandannas a lot. probably almost every day in the summer. because i'm lazy and it keeps all the fuzzy hair off my face. today, sam pointed at it and said "mama hat" and then pointed to himself and said "sam hat."

could i do anything BUT oblige? he wants to be like mama!

he looked like a cute little pirate! i tried to get him to wear it outside for our walk, but it was ripped off shortly after i took the picture!

Monday, May 04, 2009

terrible twos, starting a few months early??

this morning, at the grocery store:
marcus starts crying (he had a BAAAD morning!).
sam: "Shut up."
i didn't think i heard him right, so i said "what?"
sam: "Shut up."
clear as day.
oooook...this is very funny to me, but i suppose my toddler can't go around telling his brother or anyone else to shut up...had to turn my face so he wouldn't see me laugh.
i'm sure he's sooo very fooled.
and daddy: in big trouble.
since he likes to say "shut up, baby" when marcus is fussing...
oh, these little mirrors...

unrelated to the shut up, but related to the naughty:
sam had his first ever time out today.
he likes to get out washrags and help me in the kitchen.
but he had already pulled out two rags, dunked them in mop water and "cleaned" quite enough.
so he went to get another rag out of the drawer, and i said no.
he turned at me and screamed "NOOOOOOO!!!"
sooooo time out.
he looked so pitiful and forlorn...it was all i could do to NOT laugh.
i love him when he's good.
and i love him when he's bad.