Friday, June 26, 2009

hello, summer!

long time, no blog, eh? i'll just say that i've been outside a LOT lately! summer has finally come to indiana, all hot and humid-like. i'm babysitting for a few weeks, so i take the two toddlers outside every day from 10-12 while m's so nice to let them run around and play in the sandbox, the baby pool, on the swings and slides...they eat lunch, and then they are POOPED so they take amazing naps in the afternoon.

that's pretty much the summary (hahah summary...get it?) of my past couple of weeks. it's a tough life. no, i'm so very blessed to be able to be home with my boys and to be able to help a friend out when she was in need of child care for a month or so. sam does SO WELL with having a friend around--learning to share and take turns and all of that. i have a sneaking suspicion that he's of the introverted persuasion, but a few hours of play does him a lot of good anyways.

summer is best enjoyed near water, no? sam finds this to be the case...and he looooves to drive the boat with gpa h.

our first lake weekend of the year was a mixed bag. sam LOVED everything--the water, the sand, hanging out in the cottage w/ all the little people toys circa 1982...and marcus seemed to be fairly interested in all things big turkey. as interested as you can be at 7mo. it was the sleeping that killed us...or shall i say the attempts at sleeping. the boys actually slept quite well, but sam coughs a lot at night, which resulted in him being moved into the living room at 5am...and marcus is an EARLY riser, so i woke sam and jeremy up shortly after they had settled back to sleep when marcus and i came out at 6:30 to start the day. i think we're going to try a different plan in the that involves different sleeping arrangements...sigh.

other than the lake, we've been busy with home improvement projects...(ha! "we" = jeremy, but i like to feel involved since i live here) this week it's been a new front door and all kinds of crazy trellis stuff for the garden...also in progress is the manly lair in the basement and the purchase of a new sliding door for the back room. how long it will be in the garage is anyone's guess...i don't think jeremy is looking forward to that of these days we'll have the bigger projects done, right? something tells me that busybee husband of mine will keep finding things to do!!