Monday, September 21, 2009

dirty little chip eater!

all the posts lately have been around sam, so i must share a story about little marky man this time! and this morning he gave me something to share.

so i went upstairs for about 3.2124 minutes this morning to get sam up and dressed, and i came down to a distinct...aroma...

i must not have shut the pantry door all the way, because marcus had helped himself to an open bag of bbq chips and got them EVERYWHERE...shellacked to the tile, ground into the carpet, smooshed in his hair, crammed in his mouth, dangling from his name it, it was there. must have been a very busy 3 minutes...he made the MOST of it!

i had a good chuckle and went hunting for the camera, of course. i was not prepared for sammy's reaction, though--the kid came UNGLUED. he's so very meticulous, and messes just freak him all the way out. i find this amusing. he very clearly didn't inherit the trait from me, she who laughs and takes a picture!

so it was a crazy 30 mins or so as i tried to manage sam's hysterics and clean up the mess and then get the baby bathed--i can NOT STAND the smell of bbq chips...all this before breakfast...unless you count chips as breakfast. ick!

for those of you that remember our cat (who got into EVERYTHING food-related)...jeremy pointed out that we didn't need to miss mister popo anymore because who needs a cat when you have marcus?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sam was sitting on the counter this morning, eating his oatmeal.
he noticed my to-do list and asked what it was.
so i explained, and read off all the tasks that i plan on doing today.
clean out my car, mop the floors, vacuum upstairs, etc.
and he pointed to the list and said: "make brownies for sammy"...!!!
what a little sneech!