Thursday, December 30, 2010

project life...

i have several friends that have been talking up project life. the short explanation is that it's a scrapbook that's pretty much laid out for you, you just add the pictures and journaling and decide what little colored cards to stick in for any extra decoration you need. you can really do whatever you want with it, but the way becky higgins uses it is to take a picture a day, add little journaling bits and 365 days later, you have an album that gives you a peek into the everyday goings-on of your life. my family's life.

i initally decided it wasn't for me. i like to just take a picture that i'm drawn to and make a page pretty much celebrating it! journaling about the subject of the picture or the day or event. you get the idea. plus, i have TONS of scrapbooking supplies that are just sitting down in my basement...i don't NEED any more!

but you know what? i'm not USING those supplies. i'm not making ANY scrapbook was been MONTHS and MONTHS. so i decided to give this a go. the format is simple, i just have to keep up. even if i don't keep up weekly, it's four (double pages) layouts a month. i certainly can do that. so here's to project life 2011!

also: i'm not buying ANY supplies (glue and pens don't count!)...though i'm not sure how long i'll keep that promise. this is not a resolution. thogh jeremy laughed at me when i told him this. he sets me up for failure. let's just see how long i can go. let's say 3 months for starters, hmmmm?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

one more about sam, then i'll try to find something else to write about.

yep, he's mine.

today we were looking at the ornaments on the tree, and i asked sammy why he was so excited about Christmas. he said "because i like Jesus!"...melt my heart. then he told me he loved me and likes to make me happy. this mama = puddle.

i pray pretty often about how to encourage that sweet spirit and not just "exploit" (for a lack of a better word) it for cuteness' sake, you know? he wants to please, and of course i want to BE pleased, but oh to train him in the way he should go.

he's a keeper.

marcus, well he's a keeper too, but he's having a week already. today it was really quiet and i called out for him...he was in the basement painting himself with markers. the orange mustache was exceptionally well done. and yesterday he put a towel in the toaster and toasted it. i have a scorched towel, but an intact house. for this i am thankful. for that and washable markers. though those were not what marcus used for his artwork today...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

too much.

sam's first real prayer by himself last night:

"dear God, thank you for this day that is ending. amen."

oh my sweet sammy! here he is in july after a friend painted him. hilarious.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

one post a week, according to the calendar, not like every SEVEN days, geez.

since i got a comment (hi mandy!) i'll keep blogging.

jeremy and i spent the better part of an hour on grooveshark tonight looking up bands we listened to in high school and college. if you haven't played on that site, you need to.
i laughed like a hyena. we are COOL and you are missing out on a rockin thursday night if you're not with us singing into our imaginary microphones. my husband is FUN. i like him. and songs i haven't heard in ages.

i am bummed that i missed out on a band called hoi polloi. they make me want to dress like Angela Chase and sneak out of my house on a rainy night.

my husband looks a bit like Lenin. if he wore a tie. but he doesn't ever wear a tie. they make him crazy. and we all know i'm much better at crazy.

i wish my brain held onto useful information the way it holds onto song lyrics. why can't i harness that part of my mind for the good and not the useless. scripture would be a much better thing to stuff in that area of my head. i can sing entire newsboys albums but can't for the life of me remember what i need to buy when i wind up at the grocery story w/o my list.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

to blog or not to blog...

so there's been a bit of a blog renaissance among some buddies of mine. not even people who are connected, but it's just like people decided to blog again, and i like it. it makes me want to join in.
so i'm going try and do a post and picture a week for the rest of the year and see how it goes.

i really want to be a good blogger. i'd love to have a record of these fun days while my boys are little and home with me. there are so many funny stories and great pictures i could put together, even in short posts.

but i just don't ever do it.

i used to scrapbook, which would also be great for keeping memories fresh.

but i don't ever do that either.

i'm a quitter! booo!!!

no i'm not a quitter, i just have too many projects. and i always want to try something new. i saw this guy on "hoarders" once who hoarded projects (his thing was trains...) and his family kept telling him that in his lifetime he'd never finish the projects he HAD, not to mention the ones he kept accumulating. gross thought.

so, in order to not be a train-project-hoarding-man, i will blog. okay...maybe not what i was getting at.

i will sign off with a picture of the birthday boy. it's an old picture, but as far as the blog goes, pretty sure it's new. ha!

he'll be 2 on saturday! i'll save you the "where did the time go" stuff, since everyone knows it goes fast. i will say that he is funniest, brightest little light. jeremy and i look at each other DAILY and say "that kid is HILARIOUS." we're planning a little get-together full of bugs, creepy-crawlies, and big bad rats. all of marky's favorite things. should be a good time!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

compare and contrast.

today was day 2 of serious summer-like weather. i realize this all can change, but we're embracing the heat and playing in the baby pool. well, the boys play in the baby pool and mama sits in the chaise and attempts to read a book.

as if i didn't already know how different the boys' personalities was a lovely illustration. as i sat in my chair, chatting with the little boys, sam was my faithful pool boy. he asked me lots of questions and poured water on my feet to "keep mama cool" and "get the dirt off" my feet. his words. i love that kid.

marcus, on the other hand, got out of the pool, walked up to me smiling and jibbering, woo-ing me with all of his cuteness. i thought he was going to "pamper" me as his brother did. instead he stole my drink and ran away. i love that kid. for different reasons than i love his brother.

not pictures from today. as you can tell by the clothing.

clearly sam needs a little help understanding what "smile!" means...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

flavor of the day.

is orange rhubarb! jam, that is! not sure if it's the thickest jam ever, but the little taste i had was soooo good that it doesn't matter--we can deal w/ runny jam that tastes like the brightest summer sunshine!! we have tons of rhubarb, but no strawberries yet, so when i saw blood orange (from italy! whoa!) i grabbed some and tried out a recipe from the jam for dummies book. it called for crystallized ginger, but it said you could leave it out. i don't keep that around, so i skipped it. you'd never miss it--this stuff is so tasty!

i am still learning, for sure. but i can see why people (cough*dad*cough) have closests and pantries and basements full of jam...since this didn't turn out perfect, i want to try again...and that will happen with strawberries and blackberries and blueberries much jam can 4 people really eat??! sure, i can give it away, but how many people i know really want home-canned stuff?? (hey, if you really do, give me a shout and i'll definitely make something happen--this is way too fun to keep to myself, but i don't want to force it on anyone!!)

i was a little skitterish on cooking the stuff too long, since my two attempts at making marmalade have reulted in clementine concrete and grapefruit glue. you think i'm kidding? come over here. i'll show you something scary. so as soon as i saw evidence of sheeting, i pulled it from the heat, but my thermometer said i'd only made it to 215*. i was scared to cook it longer, since when i made the marmalade i cooked and cooked and never saw sheeting...oh well, it's a tasty concoction nonetheless and i can put it in a glaze for poundcake if it's really too runny.

so my 3rd jam attempt...most successful to date. :) and while i was getting things ready i saw a message that a friend had gotten engaged, so it's also my first commemorative jam...hahaa i'm so funny...but congrats, kristi--orange rhubarb is in honor of you! xoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

tmi? eh.

sam was in the bathroom w/ me.
checks in the toilet before i flush...
and says:

"you made a little poopy.
daddy makes a BIG BIG poopy."

his powers of observation continue to sharpen.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

because i like lists. this is my list of the day.

1. marcus is wandering around with an issue of "Outside" magazine. think he's trying to tell me something? we're on our way, just trying to get a few things done first!

2. i'm running out of high places to put all the things that marcus wants to mess with that he shouldn't house looks RIDICULOUS. but i'm tired of saying "NO" 23434987345982357 times a day. ugh. hence, the going outside coming right up. though i'm sure that one can find SOMETHING he shouldn't have...

3. sam keeps asking to watch a show called "diary of a spider" but when he says it, it sounds like "diarrhea spider", which i'm sure is a COMPLETELY different show.

4. i just got 10 pairs of sunglasses in the mail. my very fine husband found some silly closeout deal and decided, for $10 or so, he'd indulge my affinity for ridiculous shades. VERY fun! i like that man.

5. haven't watched DWTS yet from last night...that's what today's naptime is all about! i'm ridiculously excited, but have to watch it by myself, due to the lack of clothing!

6. needing an iv of coffee plenty of sleep, but i'm in a sinus/allergy fog today...BOO.

7. went and worked out this morning, boys went to kid's gym, then came home and fed them pop-tarts for a snack...feeling like something is wrong with that picture...sigh...

8. marky went to the doc yesterday, he's in the 95% for head and height, 75% for did this happen??? neither j or i are very tall, we "average" 5'7", so time will tell if he'll actually be a big guy or not...

9. sam can now "read" proud of him! not so proud of when he gets tired of that game and just yells, but we'll keep trying!

10. reading "the help" and really enjoying it...there's a reason people are talking about this book! sometimes i don't enjoy books that switch from narrator to narrator, but this one doesn't bother me in the least! highly recommended.

Monday, March 22, 2010

feeling like superwoman today!

list of things i've accomlished today:

1. kids up, fed, dressed by 9:00
2. floors swept, mopped, kitchen wiped down
3. out the door (looking somewhat cute, even!) by 10:00
4. groceries, dollar tree, library dropoff, home by 11:15
5. both kids fed and down for naps by 12:15
6. i've made 2 pot pies, homemade dinner rolls, and brownies (well...rolls on final rise and jeremy will put the pies in oven while i'm out at appointments this afternoon--but the real work is done!)

holy cow! i'm soooooo not bragging--mostly just amazed that this HAPPENED and i'm not feeling stressed or all mushy in the head. maybe it was all the naps over the weekend.

it seems like i usually have a "best-case scenario" for the day, and my master plan gets derailed not too long after the day starts...usually not the end of the world, but when i have things that MUST happen, i feel all harried. not hairy, just harried. haaaaa.

woop! here's to rainy mondays and happy children in waiting rooms this afternoon...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

if i was old and funny i'd say "it was the darndest thing". and then go have dinner at 4pm.

sam occasionally has a tantrum.
i get that.
i walk away while turning my face so he doesn't see me laugh.

usually the screaming is accompanied by falling down (dramatically) onto the floor.
today, he went the opposite direction and shimmied UP and over the top of an armchair.
i was just as suprised as he was...i didn't know you could shimmy up an armchair.
it was really frustrating, but also realllllllly funny.
until all that flailing knocked a lamp off a table and broke the CF bulb into 897328473 little pieces.

that led to another tantrum when i wouldn't let him inspect the damage.
i'm so mean.

sam: 1
lamp: 0
big mama: 0 (but at least i got to giggle)
the lamp did not get to giggle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


me: you're being a turd.
sam: i'm not a turd.
me: what are you?
sam: i'm a sammy.

duh, mama.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


sometimes you're the toilet.
sometimes you're the duck.

something like that.
this is what i found after leaving m. alone in the bathroom for approx 0.2934723 seconds.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hello, blog. nice to see you.

it's been a while.
there's been much fun while i've been "away."

lots of football.
entirely too much time indoors...sigh...
a visit from the fine and lovely meghan. xoxo.

sam told megs upon her departure: "you're pretty."
what a sweetie.
both my boys loved her.
how can they not.

besides meghan, things i like:
1. my heated mattress pad. simple, but amazing.
2. having a clean crafty room. i actually go down there now.
3. marcus on 2 legs. he's allllmost a walker!
4. mealtime mania. learning to give in to the crazy and just let the noise and mess get bigger before they get better. there's a very zen moment of letting go. i will say with certainty that i am better at this than my husband. no pride, just truth.