Thursday, January 21, 2010

hello, blog. nice to see you.

it's been a while.
there's been much fun while i've been "away."

lots of football.
entirely too much time indoors...sigh...
a visit from the fine and lovely meghan. xoxo.

sam told megs upon her departure: "you're pretty."
what a sweetie.
both my boys loved her.
how can they not.

besides meghan, things i like:
1. my heated mattress pad. simple, but amazing.
2. having a clean crafty room. i actually go down there now.
3. marcus on 2 legs. he's allllmost a walker!
4. mealtime mania. learning to give in to the crazy and just let the noise and mess get bigger before they get better. there's a very zen moment of letting go. i will say with certainty that i am better at this than my husband. no pride, just truth.

1 comment:

Hav said...

oh kel, good for you! i have yet to find that zen moment at meals...well, maybe it happens occasionally, but most of the time i'm just pulling out my hair!