Wednesday, February 17, 2010

if i was old and funny i'd say "it was the darndest thing". and then go have dinner at 4pm.

sam occasionally has a tantrum.
i get that.
i walk away while turning my face so he doesn't see me laugh.

usually the screaming is accompanied by falling down (dramatically) onto the floor.
today, he went the opposite direction and shimmied UP and over the top of an armchair.
i was just as suprised as he was...i didn't know you could shimmy up an armchair.
it was really frustrating, but also realllllllly funny.
until all that flailing knocked a lamp off a table and broke the CF bulb into 897328473 little pieces.

that led to another tantrum when i wouldn't let him inspect the damage.
i'm so mean.

sam: 1
lamp: 0
big mama: 0 (but at least i got to giggle)
the lamp did not get to giggle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


me: you're being a turd.
sam: i'm not a turd.
me: what are you?
sam: i'm a sammy.

duh, mama.