Friday, March 26, 2010

tmi? eh.

sam was in the bathroom w/ me.
checks in the toilet before i flush...
and says:

"you made a little poopy.
daddy makes a BIG BIG poopy."

his powers of observation continue to sharpen.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

because i like lists. this is my list of the day.

1. marcus is wandering around with an issue of "Outside" magazine. think he's trying to tell me something? we're on our way, just trying to get a few things done first!

2. i'm running out of high places to put all the things that marcus wants to mess with that he shouldn't house looks RIDICULOUS. but i'm tired of saying "NO" 23434987345982357 times a day. ugh. hence, the going outside coming right up. though i'm sure that one can find SOMETHING he shouldn't have...

3. sam keeps asking to watch a show called "diary of a spider" but when he says it, it sounds like "diarrhea spider", which i'm sure is a COMPLETELY different show.

4. i just got 10 pairs of sunglasses in the mail. my very fine husband found some silly closeout deal and decided, for $10 or so, he'd indulge my affinity for ridiculous shades. VERY fun! i like that man.

5. haven't watched DWTS yet from last night...that's what today's naptime is all about! i'm ridiculously excited, but have to watch it by myself, due to the lack of clothing!

6. needing an iv of coffee plenty of sleep, but i'm in a sinus/allergy fog today...BOO.

7. went and worked out this morning, boys went to kid's gym, then came home and fed them pop-tarts for a snack...feeling like something is wrong with that picture...sigh...

8. marky went to the doc yesterday, he's in the 95% for head and height, 75% for did this happen??? neither j or i are very tall, we "average" 5'7", so time will tell if he'll actually be a big guy or not...

9. sam can now "read" proud of him! not so proud of when he gets tired of that game and just yells, but we'll keep trying!

10. reading "the help" and really enjoying it...there's a reason people are talking about this book! sometimes i don't enjoy books that switch from narrator to narrator, but this one doesn't bother me in the least! highly recommended.

Monday, March 22, 2010

feeling like superwoman today!

list of things i've accomlished today:

1. kids up, fed, dressed by 9:00
2. floors swept, mopped, kitchen wiped down
3. out the door (looking somewhat cute, even!) by 10:00
4. groceries, dollar tree, library dropoff, home by 11:15
5. both kids fed and down for naps by 12:15
6. i've made 2 pot pies, homemade dinner rolls, and brownies (well...rolls on final rise and jeremy will put the pies in oven while i'm out at appointments this afternoon--but the real work is done!)

holy cow! i'm soooooo not bragging--mostly just amazed that this HAPPENED and i'm not feeling stressed or all mushy in the head. maybe it was all the naps over the weekend.

it seems like i usually have a "best-case scenario" for the day, and my master plan gets derailed not too long after the day starts...usually not the end of the world, but when i have things that MUST happen, i feel all harried. not hairy, just harried. haaaaa.

woop! here's to rainy mondays and happy children in waiting rooms this afternoon...