Monday, March 22, 2010

feeling like superwoman today!

list of things i've accomlished today:

1. kids up, fed, dressed by 9:00
2. floors swept, mopped, kitchen wiped down
3. out the door (looking somewhat cute, even!) by 10:00
4. groceries, dollar tree, library dropoff, home by 11:15
5. both kids fed and down for naps by 12:15
6. i've made 2 pot pies, homemade dinner rolls, and brownies (well...rolls on final rise and jeremy will put the pies in oven while i'm out at appointments this afternoon--but the real work is done!)

holy cow! i'm soooooo not bragging--mostly just amazed that this HAPPENED and i'm not feeling stressed or all mushy in the head. maybe it was all the naps over the weekend.

it seems like i usually have a "best-case scenario" for the day, and my master plan gets derailed not too long after the day starts...usually not the end of the world, but when i have things that MUST happen, i feel all harried. not hairy, just harried. haaaaa.

woop! here's to rainy mondays and happy children in waiting rooms this afternoon...

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