Tuesday, May 25, 2010

compare and contrast.

today was day 2 of serious summer-like weather. i realize this all can change, but we're embracing the heat and playing in the baby pool. well, the boys play in the baby pool and mama sits in the chaise and attempts to read a book.

as if i didn't already know how different the boys' personalities are...today was a lovely illustration. as i sat in my chair, chatting with the little boys, sam was my faithful pool boy. he asked me lots of questions and poured water on my feet to "keep mama cool" and "get the dirt off" my feet. his words. i love that kid.

marcus, on the other hand, got out of the pool, walked up to me smiling and jibbering, woo-ing me with all of his cuteness. i thought he was going to "pamper" me as his brother did. instead he stole my drink and ran away. i love that kid. for different reasons than i love his brother.

not pictures from today. as you can tell by the clothing.

clearly sam needs a little help understanding what "smile!" means...

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