Wednesday, May 19, 2010

flavor of the day.

is orange rhubarb! jam, that is! not sure if it's the thickest jam ever, but the little taste i had was soooo good that it doesn't matter--we can deal w/ runny jam that tastes like the brightest summer sunshine!! we have tons of rhubarb, but no strawberries yet, so when i saw blood orange (from italy! whoa!) i grabbed some and tried out a recipe from the jam for dummies book. it called for crystallized ginger, but it said you could leave it out. i don't keep that around, so i skipped it. you'd never miss it--this stuff is so tasty!

i am still learning, for sure. but i can see why people (cough*dad*cough) have closests and pantries and basements full of jam...since this didn't turn out perfect, i want to try again...and that will happen with strawberries and blackberries and blueberries much jam can 4 people really eat??! sure, i can give it away, but how many people i know really want home-canned stuff?? (hey, if you really do, give me a shout and i'll definitely make something happen--this is way too fun to keep to myself, but i don't want to force it on anyone!!)

i was a little skitterish on cooking the stuff too long, since my two attempts at making marmalade have reulted in clementine concrete and grapefruit glue. you think i'm kidding? come over here. i'll show you something scary. so as soon as i saw evidence of sheeting, i pulled it from the heat, but my thermometer said i'd only made it to 215*. i was scared to cook it longer, since when i made the marmalade i cooked and cooked and never saw sheeting...oh well, it's a tasty concoction nonetheless and i can put it in a glaze for poundcake if it's really too runny.

so my 3rd jam attempt...most successful to date. :) and while i was getting things ready i saw a message that a friend had gotten engaged, so it's also my first commemorative jam...hahaa i'm so funny...but congrats, kristi--orange rhubarb is in honor of you! xoxo


Andrea Moberly said...

Umm I LOVE home-canned jam. I'd totally take some leftovers off your hands!

ohhowhappy said...

Brave, brave woman to make jam:) we made homemade sauerkraut yesterday and I felt super adventurous-lol! If we lived closer, we could trade maybe a few bags of freezer corn and slaw for jam:) Next time, come for a visit with J so we can meet your other little man. Sam was such a treat to spend time with!!