Tuesday, November 30, 2010

one more about sam, then i'll try to find something else to write about.

yep, he's mine.

today we were looking at the ornaments on the tree, and i asked sammy why he was so excited about Christmas. he said "because i like Jesus!"...melt my heart. then he told me he loved me and likes to make me happy. this mama = puddle.

i pray pretty often about how to encourage that sweet spirit and not just "exploit" (for a lack of a better word) it for cuteness' sake, you know? he wants to please, and of course i want to BE pleased, but oh to train him in the way he should go.

he's a keeper.

marcus, well he's a keeper too, but he's having a week already. today it was really quiet and i called out for him...he was in the basement painting himself with markers. the orange mustache was exceptionally well done. and yesterday he put a towel in the toaster and toasted it. i have a scorched towel, but an intact house. for this i am thankful. for that and washable markers. though those were not what marcus used for his artwork today...

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mer-mer said...

I ALWAYS laugh and feel encouraged by your writing! With two boys of my own, I am in for similar fun (?). It goes without saying, but maybe you should unplug and/or store the toaster when it's not in use.

love you and miss you!
xoxoxo, mer