Tuesday, November 09, 2010

to blog or not to blog...

so there's been a bit of a blog renaissance among some buddies of mine. not even people who are connected, but it's just like people decided to blog again, and i like it. it makes me want to join in.
so i'm going try and do a post and picture a week for the rest of the year and see how it goes.

i really want to be a good blogger. i'd love to have a record of these fun days while my boys are little and home with me. there are so many funny stories and great pictures i could put together, even in short posts.

but i just don't ever do it.

i used to scrapbook, which would also be great for keeping memories fresh.

but i don't ever do that either.

i'm a quitter! booo!!!

no i'm not a quitter, i just have too many projects. and i always want to try something new. i saw this guy on "hoarders" once who hoarded projects (his thing was trains...) and his family kept telling him that in his lifetime he'd never finish the projects he HAD, not to mention the ones he kept accumulating. gross thought.

so, in order to not be a train-project-hoarding-man, i will blog. okay...maybe not what i was getting at.

i will sign off with a picture of the birthday boy. it's an old picture, but as far as the blog goes, pretty sure it's new. ha!

he'll be 2 on saturday! i'll save you the "where did the time go" stuff, since everyone knows it goes fast. i will say that he is funniest, brightest little light. jeremy and i look at each other DAILY and say "that kid is HILARIOUS." we're planning a little get-together full of bugs, creepy-crawlies, and big bad rats. all of marky's favorite things. should be a good time!

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