Thursday, December 30, 2010

project life...

i have several friends that have been talking up project life. the short explanation is that it's a scrapbook that's pretty much laid out for you, you just add the pictures and journaling and decide what little colored cards to stick in for any extra decoration you need. you can really do whatever you want with it, but the way becky higgins uses it is to take a picture a day, add little journaling bits and 365 days later, you have an album that gives you a peek into the everyday goings-on of your life. my family's life.

i initally decided it wasn't for me. i like to just take a picture that i'm drawn to and make a page pretty much celebrating it! journaling about the subject of the picture or the day or event. you get the idea. plus, i have TONS of scrapbooking supplies that are just sitting down in my basement...i don't NEED any more!

but you know what? i'm not USING those supplies. i'm not making ANY scrapbook was been MONTHS and MONTHS. so i decided to give this a go. the format is simple, i just have to keep up. even if i don't keep up weekly, it's four (double pages) layouts a month. i certainly can do that. so here's to project life 2011!

also: i'm not buying ANY supplies (glue and pens don't count!)...though i'm not sure how long i'll keep that promise. this is not a resolution. thogh jeremy laughed at me when i told him this. he sets me up for failure. let's just see how long i can go. let's say 3 months for starters, hmmmm?