Monday, December 19, 2011

things i have learned from pregnancy brain this time around....

1. if you fill your dishwasher with carpet shampoo, your kitchen will smell super great but your dishes won't all quite get squeaky clean. 

2. leaving the water running in the (plugged) basement utility sink while you go out to dinner and looking at Christmas lights will flood two rooms and ruin all of your wrapping paper.  in these situations it is advisable to have a husband who works at a public school and can go retrieve four industrial size blowers to dry out the carpet and pad at 9:00 at night.

3. listening to the Dixie Chicks, specifically "Easy Silence" and "Lullaby" will reduce you to tears in the middle of the day. it is not recommended to answer the door for the FedEx guy at this point. (there may or may not be an unpublished post about this...we shall see if i can get up the nerve to publish it.)

4.  don't leave a yogurt in your purse for four days. even though it's winter, "live and active cultures" will find things to do in there.

5.  there's something else, but i can't remember...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

so proud of my sammy!

today sam was pretty tired.  he powered through until about one o'clock, then was just struggling with twice i asked him to do something, and twice he just about threw himself to the floor in tears. the second time, i told him he'd go up for a nap if he did it again.  he did it again.  so i sent him up for a nap. he ran up and SLAMMED his door. which is a big no-no...he earned a spanking to go with his nap. then he apologized and CRASHED for two and a half hours.

fast forward to bathtime. sam was protesting, he and marky were having a good time burying each other under the couch cushions and then jumping on top to smother each other.  they have rugburn on their faces to show for it.  so i reminded him about this afternoon's misadventures and he informed us very clearly "i'll do it, but i don't want to!!"

after the bath, i was chatting with sammy and told him how proud i was that he had learned something today about obeying when he didn't want to obey.  he informed me he was "just like Moses."

i love that kid. i was pretty impressed that he put his story together with Moses's story of being a reluctant leader. i can't wait to see what God has planned for my little guy!

(picture from a happier day!) we went out for a treat because he got an AMAZING report from preschool.  sam picked Yo-Yo, so i was more than delighted to take him on a little date! that night it was marky's turn to be super tired and fall apart, so jeremy was taking care of that.  why is it that when we are little, we never want to sleep and when we get older, we covet naps and solid nights of shut-eye??? sigh....

other news from today...SNOW! our first real snow, and it's not december yet! it's so pretty and i really need to get our tree out and decorated!!  this is the view out the front door at about 3:00 today. i was happy to stay home in my pj pants all day while everyone else ran out to get milk, bread and eggs. i sent my nice husband out for apples and peppermint mocha creamer. essentials, you know. so we are cozy now and waiting on a delay, even though it would mean missing out hanging with fun friends...i'd love to have the boys (all of them!) home in the morning to play in the snow some more. jermy took them out tonight while he shoveled, and they LOOOOOVED it!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A serious one. :)

I don't know if any of this will make's all bits and pieces in my head and I never claimed to be a good writer.  But I told her I'd blog more, so...

Thinking of my sweet friend Mandy today. She has to do today what no parent ever wants to do...bury a child. I went to the open house for baby Jude last night and she was the most gracious and lovely grieving mama probably ever in the history of the world. I, however, was kind of a moron. Somehow filling space talking about other things because I didn't know what to say, pretty much knowing I could say nothing that would actually help.  I so wanted to be there and show a little love. Blogging is a funny thing.  I haven't seen or actually talked to Mandy in a long long time, but somehow reading her words made me feel like that wasn't the case; having her on my mind and so much in my prayers made me feel like I was a lot closer than the whole country apart!  That, and pregnancy hormones, thinking a whole lot about sweet little babies and just being on the verge of tears most days anyways.  Also on the verge of rampage-worthy anger most days, but that's an entirely different post. 

I was thinking on the drive home about our "good old days" and she's still perfectly Mandy (oh how happy I was to even just hear her sweet Mandy-voice!), but she's different in that she's lived a lot more life. Things were a lot different nearly 9 years ago--a lot of blank pages, significant blank pages we were pretty expectant to see written.  So excited to be moving to super cool places (her, not me...!), having great jobs, meeting mister right, getting married, having babies.  Of course I never would have dreamed of any of this. Wouldn't have ever considered the possibility.  Some people might use a story like Jude's as an entrance to a life of bitterness, or to dwell on "why me?"...but that's not where this is going.

I listened to my friend tell the story of finding out she was pregnant and praying before Jude was ever born that God would use this little boy. He certainly has. Jude's story, recorded on Mandy's blog, has been a beautiful expression of trusting God, knowing our children are not ours, and that we don't get to write the story as much as we'd like to think.  My beautiful friend has both feet firmly planted in heaven, while I struggle with one foot here and one foot there.  I want to be more like her in that way.  My prayers will be with her and her family as life gets back into a rhythm and they have to figure out what that even is now and as they miss their little guy.   

I'm trying to play along with the twenty-whatever days of thankfulness on Facebook...posting something each day that you're thankful for until Thanksgiving Day.  Mine have been fairly surface-y, and of course I still am thankful for all those little things.  Last night I wanted to elaborate, but I was tired just wrote something very general...but for the record I meant: I'm thankful for Jude, and for his family for being so honest and sharing his story so openly, that others would be encouraged.  Thankful for seeing God in action, being so very REAL. 

I'm also thankful for having random old pictures on my hard drive...we were babies! We had been camping, so I'm fairly glad this picture is blurry. It's from the pre-digital-camera-days...yikes! Mandy is on the far right.  I vaguely remember thinking she got locked in a gas station with a creepy man right before we took this picture. It didn't happen. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

pinterest round up!

i've said before how great pinterest is...but really, it's only great if you DO something about what you find there.  ohhh i've been doing, finally! :) just took a little nudge from stacie...saying i'll do one thing a week made it sound much more do-able than looking at the vast array of ideas i've collected and just getting overwhelmed. now if i was a super good blogger, i'd have a lovely picture for each of these things, but you'll have to deal with just a few and some links for the rest. :)

1. I crocheted this hat in a newborn size in grayish lavender yarn for the little bitty.  I liked how it came out, but I think it might look a little chunky on a teeny little person...we'll see.  It didn't take very long at all, so I'm not out anything by trying!

2. I made a cheesy chicken and rice with black beans bake...pretty good, though I'd definitely recommend using cream of chicken soup and using the sour cream as a garnish...I replaced about 3/4 of the sour cream with fat free cream of chicken, and it was still way to sour-cream-y for us...Jeremy ate it as a chip dip.  The kids just ate the chicken and beans out of it, but that works for me!

3. Q-tip skeletons...we did this yesterday...and I didn't have glue.  Oops.  Glue sticks kiiiiind of worked and the boys loved their spooky guys, although we didn't get quite as detailed as the directions advise.  Here are the skeletons the boys came up with:

4. Saw the prettiest pumpkins ever and got out the drill last night when we were carving.  The little holes don't let enough air in the keep the candle lit, so I had to cut out some "back doors", but I like how they look set out with the traditional ones the boys helped make.

5.  We made this little booklet to help the boys memorize some verses...I would definitely recommend giving this a shot!  Sam was VERY into this project.  It didn't work out for us to do Awana this year, and although he hasn't exactly said it, I think Sam misses it!  He already has the verse for "A" memorized...and the verse for "B" turned out to be quite useful this morning when the boys didn't want to "Be kind to one another and build each other up." -1 Thessalonians's ours:

5.  No picture for this, as the "before" was embarrasingly grungy.  I tried a tub scrub recipe that wasn't half bad.  I have tried plenty of homemade cleaning methods with mixed results...mostly not that great and precisely ALL the men of my family complain about the vinegar smell that a lot of them have.  But being pregnant and not wanting to huff a bunch of bleachy or chemicall-y fumes had me willing to try again.  It actually worked pretty well...I could see a difference (like I said, the "before" was reallllly bad, it's an old shower and seems to be a soap scum magnet) but it's not beautiful or sparkly.  I will say much improved, Jeremy noticed, and that is good enough for me!  I used lavender Dr. Bronner's for the liquid soap and eucalyptus for the essential oil because those are things that I already had and it smelled really good!  No vinegar in this one, so everyone wins.

I have plenty's been a productice couple of weeks, but I will save more for other posts!  I am really enjoying the challenge to DO things, not merely admire them!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

so thankful. for many many random things.

1. letting go of worry
2. rain and cool clean air
3. unexpected date night
4. baby wiggles in my belly
5. pumpkin coffee from dunkin donuts
6. pumpkin anything
7. cans of pumpkin for .99
8. making a huge dinner for no reason and then having neighbors over who didn't cook dinner!
9. Bible passages that convict and change me
10. a husband that forgives my craziness and (pregnancy-induced? I hope!) forgetfulness
11. clean sheets
12. a closet that is showing signs of PINK!
13. friends who "knew me when"...
14. little boys who DELIGHT in small things
15. good smelling soap
16. knitting
17. cozy blankets
18. apple cider tea (like WHOA!)
19. salt and vinegar chips
20. fresh haircuts on little boys

a week in instagram...

I find myself wishing that Project Life came with square photo pockets, because most of my story-telling "day in the life" type photos are instagram-ed.   i've printed a bunch out and included them here and there in my album, and while the quality isn't great, they surely tell the stories of our days...

1.  Jeremy ran the Chicago marathon last Sunday (he did AWESOME, so PROUD!) and that afforded us some time to hang out with lovely friends and go lovely places.  One of those places was the comic book store.  Jeremy stopped in on his way back to Tyler and Mer's and brought back a few comics for the boys.  The boys are all super heroes, all the time, but didn't have any comic books yet...Sam is hooked now.  If only comic books made better read-aloud books.  Sigh.

2.  Monday...while Sam was at school, Marcus and I ran several of them being checking at Aldi to see if they had pumpkin available. And YAY! they did!  I use a lot of it through the year and Aldi gets it in during October for a great price.  I bought a lot last year, and Jeremy wound up making pumpkin ale with it, so I was out out out and wanting to make pumpkin everything.  Anyway...I didn't have a quarter for the cart, so I just loaded up my arms with two flats (pallets?) of pumpkin.  being superwoman(!), it was no big deal...except for the part where I pinched my (pregnant!) nipple in between the two flats...oh PAIN.  I yelled out loud...thankfully the store was rather empty and Marky was the only person who noticed, and he didn't really care.  oh my, sore for's my hard-won pumpkin, ready for pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin anything...I have yet to work up the nerve to load my arms back up and take it all down to the basement.  i don't think my nipple can take it.

3.  What, you don't ever find a giant rubber rat dangling from your silverware drawer?  Lies.

4. I've been pinning all kinds of fun baby girl things lately. And haven't DONE a thing about a single one of them.  Until yesterday. Found some felt and a little bit of spare time (oh who am I kidding about the spare time? I neglected other things so I could play around!) and made up some pretties for the little GIRL that will join us in February.  My sweet friend Stacie issued a challenge a while back to actually DO one thing you've pinned every week, and that's another post altogether, but I'm doing pretty well, since recipes count!

5.  Ooooh this one is really out of order, but I'm not fixing it b/c blogger makes it difficult.  Last week was PERFECT, weather-wise.  We had two weeknight campfires with s'mores and our favorite neighborfriends.  We're going camping with those neighbors, so the campfires (complete with 5 ridiculously loud and silly boys shouting and dancing like babboons) are certainly not over yet.  Look out Brown County...we are set to be "those" people...

6.  I am really digging the time I get with just Marcus these days, with Sam in preschool three days a week.  He's the silliest, sweetest, most expressive little person.  While we were waiting in the pickup line the other day, Marcus practiced his faces for me.  This was "angry"...we may need some more practice, since I'm certainly not intimidated:

I'm stopping there, but I want to be a good blogger, so hopefully there will be more to come...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

notes, ramblings.

i forget that i'm pregnant. but i like remembering. i'm not big yet and i feel good. i mention i'm excpecting in february to someone who doesn't know, and they are surprised. maybe they are just being polite, because i can certainly see it! i've been feeling this little baby moving a LOT lately, which makes me suspect that it's another boy. i've felt all three of my babies pretty early (earlier than you're "supposed" to feel at 15 weeks or me crazy if you want, but i know what it is) and they have all been verrrry active. sam's been calling the baby "cupcake" which i like, so i may stick with it. both boys have been so sweet about kissing my belly. marcus has been so proud that he'll whip my shirt up and show anyone his baby. he's also telling everyone who will listen that it's a baby brother. if he's wrong, i hope he can handle his disappointment!

started our new bible study this past week. it is already challenging me. i'm also just so excited to be back with the lovely ladies of thursday mornings and to get to know some new people. marcus in particular was excited about thursday mornings because he was reunited with his beloved miss deanna. we found out that they share a birthday, maybe that explains his undying love for her. :)

sam has been enjoying preschool. he was talking excitedly about all the "equipment" he got to use.  when i finally got him to elaborate a bit more about "equipment", it turns out he meant glue (real glue, not a glue stick--big stuff), scissors, markers, etc.  it's the little things, i guess!

the Johnny Appleseed Festival was this weekend, and i was trying to figure out why i like it so much...I go every year.  it's a must.  but i don't really ever buy anything. the re-enactors are weird.  the cannons and gunshots startle the crap out of my everytime. the food is good, better than good--but i could go and not eat anything and still feel satisfied. i hate the crowds of people that can't decide where they are going and they walk directly into my (admittedly large) stroller.  good grief.  i went back for a second day (sans stroller) with a dear friend who came into town from Indy, and she mentioned how it was a marker of time.  and maybe that's it.  it's part of pacing out the fall season.  it's still the beginning of autumn, and there is lots to look forward to.  the woodsmoke is still an exciting smell--of s'mores and camping trips yet to come.  it's warm enough outside to enjoy the day without coats and boots, but there is enough of a chill to enjoy a warm meal and be excited that this is the start of many warm cozy meals yet to come.  the leaves are just starting to change, at least 95 percent green yet there are still peeks of yellow, red, and orange.  i think i like to savor the smells, tastes, sights WHILE knowing there are lots more to come.  i like knowing it's just beginning. here we are, said friend and me, enjoying The Johnny.

and on another fallish note, i have had some apple butter bubbling away in the crockpot ALL DAY. really, all day. 12 hours! my house has smelled like heaven. and i seriously think this is the best thing (besides my kids) that i have ever created! i'm eating it, hot, with a spoon right now while i wait for the water in the canner to get up to a boil. i think the allspice is starting to make my tounge go numb. weird. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


PRAYING...for my dear sweet friend Mandy. she and her family have had quite a journey with their little boy, and he's only two weeks old. they are on my mind and heart so very much lately. she's a friend from college, and has one of the most beautiful hearts i've ever known. reading her blog posts brings me to tears, not just because i want little Jude to get better, but because the way she writes about it is so beautiful. such an amazing combination of honesty and grace and trusting God when it must be so very hard. pray for adorable little Jude. make soup. i bought this book and everything looks SO good. i love soup and bread for dinner when it's cold outside. easy and tasty and it just feels so cozy. but it's a little warm yet. see below.

ENJOYING...the weather. i always say "indian summer" is my favorite season. i like that it's sunny and warm, but not humid like real summer, and that the nights cool off--even enough to ENJOY a fire. i love fall, but i don't like bundling up in coats and real shoes, so this is the best of both worlds! the stream of crazy that comes from my kids all day long. i especially love the things that Marcus gets wrong. like honey mustard--he calls it "funny mustard." indeed.

THINKING...about my upcoming ultrasound. i want to know who this little person is, but then again i don't. i loved the way i met my boys the days they were born. it sort of seems like peeking at your Christmas presents ahead of time, ruining the surprise. then again, it would be fun to do things differently this time. Christmas in September, perhaps? any thoughts?

KNOWING...i will miss my sammy three mornings a week once he starts preschool in a few days, but it will be so good for him. i can teach him all sorts of school things and do creative activities at home, but i can't give him a room of 4 year olds and a person-in-charge-who-is-not-his-mother. i'm looking forward to the time we have together to be better because of it! here he is feeding the fish at one of our neighborhood ponds, in need of a haircut before tuesday for sure.
REJOICING...that the last piece of my fall routine will be added when Bible study starts back up in a couple weeks. how i have missed my mornings with those fun ladies, sharing truth, sharing our lives, being taught and encouraged! also, we eat (very) well. woo and hoo!
LOVING...that i get to see my meredith for the second time this week (what the what??!) sometime later today! that girl (and her boys) make me super happy. everyone has those few friends where it's just easy, no catching up needed. and she's one of mine.

NEEDING...more hours in the day to make sure my tomatoes won't go to waste. i have given tons aways and canned tomtoes and salsa, but still have piles more to do something with. i'd like to make pizza and marianra sauces. we'll see.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a list of happy.

1. my mascara is scented...unnecessary, yet kind of fun. but really, why?

2. pinterest is wayyyy too much fun. and will probably make me fat. all the food looks great. and if only i had enough time to do all the great kid things and crafty things i keep seeing. which leads to #3...

3. i've become somewhat obsessed with granny squares.  not sure how that happened, though pinterest probably has contributed. i now have THREE afghans going, which is probably not the most productive way to go about it. AND i have one more that i am itching to start as well, but i will have to just look at pictures and make it up as i go, since i can't get ahold of the pattern. i waaaaant to make this:

4. taking a walk to the park with my 3 men, on a super hot steamy day, but a storm was rolling in and made it so cool and nice. we got home just in time to sit on the back patio under the canopy and watch the rain fall. it was so cool and refreshing and relaxing. and they actually kind of "chilled" with us. my boys don't chill, so that was big.

5. jeremy was dictating a text to me so he didn't have to type it out, and "tomorrow works" got auto corrected to "topsy zoom". topsy zoom sounds WAY more fun than what he and his friend were planning. i got the giggles and jeremy called me a hyena. nice.

6. signing sam up for preschool three days a week was somewhat traumatic for me. i know how good it will be for him, and he didn't want to leave when we had our tour of the classrooms, but i just got really sad about not having him with me. then i realized that marcus and i get three mornings of "mommy and me" time--having a little time just the two of us will be good as that doesn't happen very much right now. so it will be good for everyone in ways that i will figure out as we get into it. though i suspect marcus will miss sam even more than i will.

7. jeremy bought a booster seat for sam the other day, and i got all crazy on him.  it went something like: "YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE SAFETY RATINGS AND MAKE SURE IT'S A GOOD ONE! WE DON'T WANT TO DECAPITATE HIM WITH A SEATBELT!" or some such nonsense.  he rolled his eyes and i got online. of course the one jeremy bought is on the "Best" list. that guy has a radar for Things That Are Good. and a lot of patience for his crazy wife.

8. this weekend jeremy and sam went tubing together--sam LOVED it! now, if you ask sam about ANYTHING, he'll always say "it's good." but tubing??? he went nuts. makes me happy. marcus wanted nothing to do with it. i really thought they'd be the other way around. i like it. crummy phone pic, but try and see him shouting at grandpa to DRIVE THE BOAT!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a fly on the wall...

Me: (opening Sam's closet door and finding 3 pre-schoolers inside) what are guys doing?
Sam: playing tic-tac-fundernoose!
Me: obviously.

Sam: I can't sleep. I'm just sooooo sick. (he is not sick, for the record.)
Me: do you want milk and a snack?
Sam: yes. But I also like love.
I caved and cuddled with him. One day he won't want me anywhere near him.

Me: there's bean soup on the stove.
J: what's that?
Me: ...soup...with beans in it...

I'm glad my family can provide me with such amusement. Maybe we can make you giggle too.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday list...

In the past, I've made a list in regards to my birthday, making it last all year in the form of cool things or resolutions. "30 things before I'm 30" had a nice ring to it...but now that I'm getting even older, the list is getting longer. So instead of rising to the challenge and adding something every year, I'll go with 14 things every year, since my birthday is the 14th. I never checked all 30 off of that list anyways. Let's keep it do-able.  And pretend that some of these things weren't on the list of 30 things...

so, about that list.

1. Find a new type of produce that I can go do "u-pick" style. New means something I've never picked before, not some new type of fruit. Duh. I'm thinking cherries or peaches in Michigan, since I meant to go last year and never got the timing right. This is probably the first item on my list due to the fact that I'm dying to garden/harvest/preserve stuff right now!

2. Knit a sweater. I've done this before, but I tend to stick to knitting smaller things to feel like I've accomplished something. But I'd also like to do a sweater this year.

3.  Sew a summer-y skirt. I've actually had fabric and a pattern for this since before Sam was born. Yikes!

4.  Make pillow covers for the family room.  Don't have fabric for this that's been sitting around, but I've had a plan and a color scheme for a while and I've just never done anything about it.  Though that MIGHT have something to do with the fact that the pillows are NEVER on the couches and I just forget about it.

5.  Visit a winery.  Yes, there are a few in the area, strangely enough.  This sounds like a fun date, but in all reality, Jeremy will not be impressed.  So I may have to round up some girlfriends...

6.  Try out some new parks w/ the kiddos this summer.  We always go to the same ones because they are close.  But new is always fun for them (and me).

7.  Open my craft room closet...take a deep breath...and PURGE PURGE PURGE!  Have you seen it? It's scary. 

8.  Read at least 5 "pleasure" books.

9.  Read at least 5 books that fall into the "nurture my brain" and/or "nurture my heart" category.

10.  Get the side porch decorated or something, so that it's a cozy little spot that I actually use! I hate wasted space!

11.  Make a quilt.  Haven't made any for a long time. 

12.  Make a wreath.  I've never made one, but there are ALWAYS cute ideas popping up, and I just need to go for it, since I LOVE wreaths and my oh my they are expensive for a bunch of stuff you could just glue together yourself!

13. Swim across Big Turkey.  Make sure Jeremy is nearby in the paddle boat.

14.  Develop the Perfect Waffle.  What an awful task.  Awful, I say! 

Let me know if you have any suggestions for any of the things on my list!

Monday, February 14, 2011

in defense of valentine's day!

i've had some conversations in the past couple of weeks about valentine's day...the question of whether or not we "celebrate" and i was surprised at the hostility (perhaps somewhat theatrical hostility, but hostility nonetheless) some folks have towards the old V-D. hahahha i slay me! so this morning, this day of love and flowers and chocolate, i feel like throwing my .02 into the blogosphere.

for the record. i totally get it when people say they don't like valentine's day. i myself am quite weary of consumer culture and all the accumulating. and of course we should most definitely tell people we love them EVERY day, not when hallmark tells us buy things that we don't need.

but i can't help but think that the spirit of it is pretty FUN! i have soooo much love in my heart (for a lot of people, but mostly for) my three favorite guys! so when the little boys see all the seasonal crap in the stores and ask what it's about, i tell them that valentine's day is a special day to show extra love to the people you care about. we made some cards (wooo, they are NO hallmark creations, to be sure!) and yes we picked out some (little) gifts for daddy. no hearts, no pink, no cupid, just a little sweet treat they decided they wanted to get for him, and to their credit, it was NOT found in the valentine aisle! this is actually something we do spontaneously as well. so i like to think of valentine's day as a little nudge to do it again. february's a good a time as any, with all the gray and gloom. and they can't stop talking about it. they are so excited to have a little gift to show jeremy how much they love him! well worth two dollars, in my opinion. especially since we're (mostly) keeping naughty treats out of the house these days.

and yes, jeremy and i DID buy the little boys something. but it was well thought out and they are PUMPED about their four-dollar presents. and yes, jeremy bought something for me. but it was well thought out and NOT a big purchase. and knowing my husband, he actually had fun tracking it down and getting something great for next-to-nothing. and for each new thing we bring into the house? TWO old things go out. win-win-win. plus, i got a letter telling me sweet and lovely things. also something that happens without a v-day prompt. i'll take it either way. :)

my kids REALLY tune into holidays. sam is sooo curious and asks lot of questions and wants to know everything! so it's been a great opportunity to talk about God's love for us as well. during one conversation that i did not expect to go very far, he amazed me by quoting bible verses about God's love, without me prompting him. he's been memorizing verses for awana, and remembered which ones pertained to love. pretty good for 3 and a half, if you ask me!

so valentine's day? could definitely be pretty gross and wasteful. but not for us. it's fun for our family and we do it in a way that works for us and everyone most definitely feels LOVED! enjoy february 14 however it works for you, my friends! xoxo

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

observations at the gym.

i must be crabby today. i have little patience for things that Make No Sense. come ON, people.

maybe i need to try and read while i'm on the treadmill because i have wayyyy too much time to be a judgypants. let me preface this by mentioning that i definitely am no beauty or fashion queen while i work out. i usually go in yoga capris and a t-shirt. no makeup. nothing fancy. once in a while i get crazy w/ a headband. daring, i KNOW. but today it was like a Parade of Weird all up in my YMCA. yes, there's normally one person that tickles my funny that i can enjoy "observing" while i'm there. but today, all the strange fitness phenomena i've been noticing separately all showed up. educate me on why ANY of this makes sense, dear reader(s?)...

1. dudes in knit caps. don't get me wrong. i love knit stuff, i love knitting stuff. i love wearing knitted stuff. i love wearing stuff i've knitted. but NOT while working out. i get hot and sweaty in shorts and a tee. why on earth do you need an itchy beanie steaming your skull?? fools.

2. people in jeans. these folks are usually of the AARP persuasion, but regardless of age, that can't be comfortable on an exercise bike. all i can think of is CHAFING. i refuse to believe you have NOTHING else to wear. i see people come in wearing jammie pants, which seems like a MUCH better and more logical choice. jammie pants are not making it on my list of phenomena, since they allow freedom of movement and do not promote any sort of chafing. plus, you probably already have some. we all win.

3. Lady In Giraffe Tights. i saw her last week. her tights must have made it through the laundry rotation, because there she was again, running on the track was kind of like a train wreck--you want to look away, but you just can't. i sort of wanted to ask her where she bought them. not because i really want a pair, but just because i'm curious as to where you'd even find something like that.

4. this is somewhat related to #1, but ladies in visors. ummmm last i checked it wasn't sunny NOR we were outdoors. maybe they are lost. maybe someone should direct them to the nearest golf course. or maybe they know something i don't? this also seems to be the most social phenomenon, as they show up together and/or gather in groups of two or three on the stairmasters.

5. men who indulge in copious application of cologne before hopping on a treadmill (next to me, always next to me, it would seem). i think i would rather smell your funk. seriously. if i'm not close to being done, i will move. so unnecessary. i don't have asthma, but i feel like i do.

6. this is not a crabby one. this one redeemed the morning for me! there is a funny older gentleman that i like to talk football and gardening with, and he always hangs his wife's coat up for her and adjusts her incumbent bike for her before she gets on, then makes sure she's all settled before he goes off to run gets on a machine himself. adorable. they are my favorite, although he likes to heckle her from across the room..."COME ON MARGE, MOVE IT!! YOU CAN GO FASTER THAN THAT" yeah, definitely my favorite.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

mama gets sick = boys get way too much tv time.

so i really don't like my boys to watch a ton of tv. i'm by no means perfect at this, but i try and limit them to one 30 minute show before their naptime. i just can't stand to see them being zombies, and most days i can keep them busy enough that they don't even ask to watch anything. i love that.

but there are other days...i was so sick earlier this week. i am still getting over a rotten infection. i felt like someone had beat me in the neck with a baseball glands were that swollen and sore.

so it goes without saying that there were more shows watched in the past couple of days than would normally be allowed. i just didn't have it in me to play seventeen million rounds of candyland.

the point of this? i'm getting there. tuesday night i was getting dinner ready and the boys are racing around with dump trucks and fire trucks and wagons and anything else they could find. it was a little more than rambuctious, so i got them settled in the living room with their fine pal Diego (we don't have cable, but Netflix has some Diego eps on demand) so i could get things finished. i made some comment about how they would have to shut the tv off when daddy gets home, we don't want you to rot your brain. mama exits to kitchen.

jeremy gets home, sam shuts the tv off and runs into his arms bawling and yelling "I DON'T WANT TO ROT MY BRAIN!!!!!" oops. i wish i had a picture of jeremy's face.

tonight after a bedtime prayer, marcus and i were talking about who he loves. he said "i love daddy. i love grandpa. i love shows. i love diego. go diego go!"

you may see my tv on the curb tomorrow.

it's snowing today. i like it. so does sam.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

resolution schmesolution.

i'm not much for resolutions, but i do like a fresh start...since the busy of the holidays is over, i present a handful of *goals*, if you will.

1. keep up w/ project life, monthly if that's what it comes down to.
2. keep up with photos--dumping from camera, backing up, organizing, PRINTING.
3. keep my craft room clean so that it's ready when i have a little shred of time.
4. start Christmas planning in SEPTEMBER and crafting no later than OCTOBER.
5. stay up with the Scripture Memorization Challenge w/ the ladies at church.
6. if we're not using it, we're selling/donating/tossing it!
7. in the next 3 months, get all the upstairs closets organized!

i better stop now, so it's realistic and i can actually succedd. i could make a crazylong list of things i'd like to change, but let's not get crazy. ha! i'd love to have some healthy lifestyle stuff and things about my parenting here...but honestly, those are things i am always working to make better. these things? are new efforts for 2011. i always struggle with staying organized, and it's been showing up a lot lately so it's time to chip away at that problem. i'll never be quasi-OCD but i can do better. sigh.

maybe i should have asked for a label maker for Christmas.
maybe for valentine's day. jer-bear would love that. ha!