Tuesday, January 04, 2011

mama gets sick = boys get way too much tv time.

so i really don't like my boys to watch a ton of tv. i'm by no means perfect at this, but i try and limit them to one 30 minute show before their naptime. i just can't stand to see them being zombies, and most days i can keep them busy enough that they don't even ask to watch anything. i love that.

but there are other days...i was so sick earlier this week. i am still getting over a rotten infection. i felt like someone had beat me in the neck with a baseball bat...my glands were that swollen and sore.

so it goes without saying that there were more shows watched in the past couple of days than would normally be allowed. i just didn't have it in me to play seventeen million rounds of candyland.

the point of this? i'm getting there. tuesday night i was getting dinner ready and the boys are racing around with dump trucks and fire trucks and wagons and anything else they could find. it was a little more than rambuctious, so i got them settled in the living room with their fine pal Diego (we don't have cable, but Netflix has some Diego eps on demand) so i could get things finished. i made some comment about how they would have to shut the tv off when daddy gets home, we don't want you to rot your brain. mama exits to kitchen.

jeremy gets home, sam shuts the tv off and runs into his arms bawling and yelling "I DON'T WANT TO ROT MY BRAIN!!!!!" oops. i wish i had a picture of jeremy's face.

tonight after a bedtime prayer, marcus and i were talking about who he loves. he said "i love daddy. i love grandpa. i love shows. i love diego. go diego go!"

you may see my tv on the curb tomorrow.

it's snowing today. i like it. so does sam.


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Hahaha....love your kids, Kel! And those pictures are beautiful. :-)