Saturday, January 01, 2011

resolution schmesolution.

i'm not much for resolutions, but i do like a fresh start...since the busy of the holidays is over, i present a handful of *goals*, if you will.

1. keep up w/ project life, monthly if that's what it comes down to.
2. keep up with photos--dumping from camera, backing up, organizing, PRINTING.
3. keep my craft room clean so that it's ready when i have a little shred of time.
4. start Christmas planning in SEPTEMBER and crafting no later than OCTOBER.
5. stay up with the Scripture Memorization Challenge w/ the ladies at church.
6. if we're not using it, we're selling/donating/tossing it!
7. in the next 3 months, get all the upstairs closets organized!

i better stop now, so it's realistic and i can actually succedd. i could make a crazylong list of things i'd like to change, but let's not get crazy. ha! i'd love to have some healthy lifestyle stuff and things about my parenting here...but honestly, those are things i am always working to make better. these things? are new efforts for 2011. i always struggle with staying organized, and it's been showing up a lot lately so it's time to chip away at that problem. i'll never be quasi-OCD but i can do better. sigh.

maybe i should have asked for a label maker for Christmas.
maybe for valentine's day. jer-bear would love that. ha!

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