Monday, February 14, 2011

in defense of valentine's day!

i've had some conversations in the past couple of weeks about valentine's day...the question of whether or not we "celebrate" and i was surprised at the hostility (perhaps somewhat theatrical hostility, but hostility nonetheless) some folks have towards the old V-D. hahahha i slay me! so this morning, this day of love and flowers and chocolate, i feel like throwing my .02 into the blogosphere.

for the record. i totally get it when people say they don't like valentine's day. i myself am quite weary of consumer culture and all the accumulating. and of course we should most definitely tell people we love them EVERY day, not when hallmark tells us buy things that we don't need.

but i can't help but think that the spirit of it is pretty FUN! i have soooo much love in my heart (for a lot of people, but mostly for) my three favorite guys! so when the little boys see all the seasonal crap in the stores and ask what it's about, i tell them that valentine's day is a special day to show extra love to the people you care about. we made some cards (wooo, they are NO hallmark creations, to be sure!) and yes we picked out some (little) gifts for daddy. no hearts, no pink, no cupid, just a little sweet treat they decided they wanted to get for him, and to their credit, it was NOT found in the valentine aisle! this is actually something we do spontaneously as well. so i like to think of valentine's day as a little nudge to do it again. february's a good a time as any, with all the gray and gloom. and they can't stop talking about it. they are so excited to have a little gift to show jeremy how much they love him! well worth two dollars, in my opinion. especially since we're (mostly) keeping naughty treats out of the house these days.

and yes, jeremy and i DID buy the little boys something. but it was well thought out and they are PUMPED about their four-dollar presents. and yes, jeremy bought something for me. but it was well thought out and NOT a big purchase. and knowing my husband, he actually had fun tracking it down and getting something great for next-to-nothing. and for each new thing we bring into the house? TWO old things go out. win-win-win. plus, i got a letter telling me sweet and lovely things. also something that happens without a v-day prompt. i'll take it either way. :)

my kids REALLY tune into holidays. sam is sooo curious and asks lot of questions and wants to know everything! so it's been a great opportunity to talk about God's love for us as well. during one conversation that i did not expect to go very far, he amazed me by quoting bible verses about God's love, without me prompting him. he's been memorizing verses for awana, and remembered which ones pertained to love. pretty good for 3 and a half, if you ask me!

so valentine's day? could definitely be pretty gross and wasteful. but not for us. it's fun for our family and we do it in a way that works for us and everyone most definitely feels LOVED! enjoy february 14 however it works for you, my friends! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Happy V.D. to you, sweet friend! love you!


Anonymous said...

That sammy is soooo smart with his knowledge of God's word! It blows me away, truly. I love all of you and the sweet and honest ways you celebrate life together all the time, not just on val-o-ween.